St. Lucia hopes to lure Chinese tourists with $2.6 billion Pearl of the Caribbean development

St. Lucia hopes to lure Chinese tourists with $2.6 billion Pearl of the Caribbean development
The $2.6 billion Pearl of the Caribbean development for the island of St. Lucia will include entertainment, housing, recreation, a casino and a race track.
The $2.6 billion Pearl of the Caribbean development for the island of St. Lucia will include entertainment, housing, recreation, a casino and a race track.
The $2.6 billion Pearl of the Caribbean development for the island of St. Lucia will include entertainment, housing, recreation, a casino and a race track.

UPI Racing  – St. Lucia’s government has signed an agreement to build the island’s first internationally targeted, integrated development — a project worth $2.6 billion designed to attract Chinese tourists and investment.

The Pearl of the Caribbean will occupy a 700-acre site on the south end of the island. Plans include a casino, horse racetrack, resort and shopping mall complex, free trade zone, entertainment and leisure venues, and housing.

The project is designed to attract investment and tourism from China, Southeast Asia and Russia, as well as other countries where newly wealthy investors are seeking opportunities for their money.

The agreement is between several government agencies charged under the St. Lucia Citizenship by Investment Program, launched in January, and DSH Caribbean Star Limited. Construction is expected to begin in 2017.



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  1. To God be the glory. May God save us all. Little Lucia is sold right beneath our noses. This is the opportunity this idiot needed. smh. Kenny mot]st probably saw through the damage that wld be caused hence why he never pulled through with it. But what baffles me is do we even have a history of horse racing here. Kinda strange......... We definitely need to focus on our salvation than this back and forth political drain.


  2. Listen not all St.Lucians are lazy we need the right contractors such as Master's Touch Renovations & Drywall and why are we looking for Chinese, Russian investors that's problem


  3. all of you complaining about chinese bringing their own people. Have you ever employed lucians? they are some of the laziest, most unreliable people you will ever have to work with. If i was the contractor, i wouldn't hire a single lucian.


  4. Congratulations to Mr Trim for his vision and the CIP for the ground work. I have to wonder why The SLP did not use this in their political campaign when all the leg work was done? It begs me to think that there are lots of concerns. I hope our "Watch Dog" will come out and start asking questions.

    Our mangrove - i am suspicious !


  5. Big plans for sweet Helen. Like the idea jobs and more jobs for the unemployed youths that's a move in the right direction Mr. Prime minister. Lord lead him so my island will be safe and sweet again. To the negative people please get off this site. If you dont have nothing constructive to say just shut you'll traps jah.


  6. First off, even if this were developed, do you really think Chinese people would fly all the way to St Lucia to gamble on horses? Ditto with the Russians. This is wishful thinking right out of the Donald Trump playbook. It's the kind of development project that would initially put a lot of money into the hands of politicians and a few land owners but then would later leave a big void. In fact it would likely have a negative impact on tourism because the kind of folks who come to the island and spend lots of money now (honeymooners, weddings, anniversary celebrators, etc.) would be really turned off by this. They'd take their business to another island. Do you really think big spending American and UK tourists want to hang out with Chinese or Russian gamblers. This reads like a bad plot for a new Netflix series.

    Also note the word "ecotourism" in this press release. This is nothing but marketing hype. This development project is all about gambling, casinos, horse racing tracks, etc. It has nothing to do with the future of sustainable tourism. Gambling racetracks don't represent the future of tourism; they are a throwback in time and won't do much to help the island in the long term. Sure the development of this project might create a few jobs but in the long run this development will turn vieux Fort into a big mess. It will turn St Lucia into Atlantic City for the wealthy Asians who come. What a weird culture clash this is going to create for the area.

    It's sad to use the relatively new citizenship program Ike this. It's a really bad idea to sell of the future of the island like this. Good development programs can really help the island and are really needed. But this isn't a good program. Horse racing and casino gambling for Asians is not the future. It's just a good way to bankrupt the country.


    • The last I understood was the investors paying for the development and not the government. So why should we be bankrupted? We are not selling the future of the country but creating a future for the people of St Lucia especially VFortians, who have been literally been deprived of jobs under Kenny's regime. A museum over a mangrove? Isn't that ecotourism? Why will it turn VFort into a big mess? The investor has created their own community. Everything happens in the developed space. I guess most of us don't know about Atlantic City.


  7. Continental Chinese as well as the ones from Hongkong like to have a second citizenship by investing in a villa. That is all. This new project when finished will provide little permanent jobs, as it will be mostly empty. During the construction they will employ a lot of Chinese, hard working and cheap.


  8. Take NOTE "Hesalay"......This is NOT Kenny's vision.

    As stated clearly by "Eugene".......Thanks to Winston trim on working so hard on this 20yrs in the making big respect to him he is the one who made this happen it is his hard work that has flourished.

    This is WINSTON TRIM's Vision, his Dream, that has led us to this day and made this extraordinary project and abundant opportunities possible for ALL St. Lucians........Big Up!!!


  9. smh...small minded people,you all need to wake up cause i tink you guys sleeping and that you guys dont have a clue about a countires development....stop talking about mangrove bullshit...what has the mangroove done to help the economy of our country...and then you guys gona complain how nutting is running in this country...the whole island has mangroove areas....people wake up...think big....


  10. My fellow Saint Lucians, you all did not know what the "Citizenship By Investment" entailed when we first embarked on it? Welcome to reality!
    You have a typical case here.We are all used to hearing about C.I.P. and new hotels being built but it can take many shapes and forms. Check out other countries and their C.I.P.


  11. Jamaica is now building a super highway.....wait...China is building a highway in Jamaica. The Jamaicans are not so happy because the Chinese contractor brought Chinese all the way from China to work on the project. Beware Lucians!


    • You are so right, about Chinese contractors bringing in their own people .... BUT!! ... it seems there are certain components of the project which WILL NEED "professionals" to do the works, e.g. the racecourse itself which needs to be up to international standards, as well as the horse stables. But ... we shall see.


      • POLO! POLO! POLO! These people are behind the curve. Golf is down and waning. The whole darn thing should be about polo. These even bring in their own spectators.

        Then, prepare HIA for the "New Concorde" aircraft. That is what these people fly on. It is time to touch base with the makers of the new aircraft and runway specifics.


  12. We becoming just like Hawaii choking d national pride an saying we unspoiled whiles selling out our Lucian pie to big investments from overseas so they can give us a slice of our own pie that's been sold out it's a shame to survive in our home we have to sell our birth right an self to make ends meet y can't we invest in our own resources an people an keep all the profits i guess WE ONLY GET WHAT WE PUT IN.


  13. And if you know the amount of reefs out there by Coconut bay. Who will bring their expensive yacht to wrack on that? Unless they first put dynamite to clear the way.


  14. What investor will pay big money for a villa on the flat area in Beausejour if they not getting a sea view. You mad?


  15. I just think this is another example of the kind of unthought out decision making that has left us languishing in this third world existence. I can understand that someone may see the value in investing in a venture of this nature , but I have to comment that the approach is not sufficiently thought out.Firstly, the trend of land use taken by us as a nation is doomed to result in a significant reduction in land availability. This naturally would make less land available for agriculture and industry.
    The question is : is it necessary to create such a large building footprint? Is it not possible to achieve the same result expanding upward? Could it not be achieved using less land ? Could it not be achieved without affecting mangrove and other watershed areas? Why would a chinese be interested in coming to a country with no significant history of car racing which is half a world away and less convenient to visit than the other countries known for racing?
    Having asked these questions , the only question left to ask is How and when we getting the money to pay back while making a real profit?
    I think this plan should be revisited , especially in this economy . This is just another example of the bullshit that Governments use to to line the pockets of politicians and their cronies.


    • We had a similar agreement with Royal Caribbean back in 2011 to redevelop Port Castries; five years later, nothing has happened.


    • This venture is for horse racing, and not car racing. Granted that people do not just sign documents "just so". I am sure a lot of "papers" were drafted, prepared, vetted, gone over, before being approved.

      St Lucia has the unfortunate culture of laying things down without proper planning - and are so of this mind set. But a venture of this magnitude, I am sure was not just that. This project - projects - a properly planned effort (at least to me), and is not "oh, just by the way". At the same time, China has been looking at the Caribbean for investments for ages, and ages, but they do walk with their "professionals" to make sure it is done to their standards, which can be "itchy".

      Apparently, the last government sat down on this project for two years and did nothing about it. So this government now, after seeing it, and going through it, found it a feasible project - which St Lucia needs.

      But ... we shall see.


  16. i hope we dont rely strictly on tourism for the upkeep of this project...even after its done.

    bigger question....where are they going to relocate the garbage dump and recycle plant that is currently located in the center of this project?


  17. I hope they also improve the roads, healthcare services and communications because these types of clients are accustomed to high standards of living. If the goal is short term stay then no problem but if we are looking at full residency then our whole product is wanting.
    To my fellow commenter, one only hopes that there are and will be balanced development, presevation of what makes us unique, our biodiversity. Time will tell.


  18. while im all for the progress of the country and well i am very pleased to see the south getting some well deserved attention. I want to query on the plans for the airport, the traffic we wish to accommodate in the not so distant future cannot be sustained by the current structure. Dont get me wrong, the airport doesnt need a drastic renovation or facelift we need to inject maybe 15-25 million to bring up to times with the visitations we will soon have to deal with. Electricals will have to be done over...more bays/gates are to be built for more flight traffic, a better food court/lounge area, more bathrooms...more room for banks and other small businesses to have their establishment..all reasonable renos...and on another note if i may send a little maypwe...not from a political stand point...but more of the point i wish to make about last minute announcements only to gain votes...what of the massive project in choiseul? Mr.Theophilus was so proud he came on to let it be known of this deal he and by extension the country scored...can we get a run-down on this.


    • Well clearly u have been hiding in our land for a good while to say our airport do not need an upgrade. This airport is among the worst any country has to offer. It is not just third world, its a fourth world aiport.
      the developers have to make sure that there is enough land to expand that airport. even the old stadium have to be gotten rid of to have proper facilities and extend that airport. we eh ready yet.


      • u have never been to Guyana ogle airport.... do u want it more luxurious? Must the washrooms countertops be granite or marble and our floors million dollar tiles. Do u want the new toilet which says bout if you have diabetes. Let's work on the bigger stuff first creating employment fixing roads etc . Cause our airport is not in a deplorable condition. It is basic yes . But it beats a lot.


      • You have obviously never been to a real third world country. St Lucia is absolutely not a third world country by any stretch of the imagination. The poverty, war, hunger, illiteracy, child mortality around other areas of the world particularly in some parts of Asia and some parts of Africa would make you shut your face and realize how beautiful and prosperous our little island is. It can be better, yes, and it will be better, but third world? You must be out of your mind.


  19. Wake up people to the chinese! have we no shame? are we going to standby and let these guys prostitute our beautiful home in the name of a dollar? are we aware what the chinese are doing in africa? biggest polluters, would careless about the environment, they dont think highly of black people. we must be mindful and stop acting out of desperation! makes me sad and angry everytime i see my homeland being destroyed and taken advantage of! this is insanity we must stop or we will regret and pay the ultimate price!