St. Lucia government says island needs new crop of farmers

Jamaica Gleaner

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Prime Minister Dr. Kenny D. Anthony

The St. Lucia government says there is need for a new cadre of farmers if the island is to take advantage of the new emerging markets globally.

Prime Minister Dr. Kenny Anthony says currently, the local banana industry was in no condition to maximise emerging opportunities as the black sigatoka disease had taken a toll on plantations forcing some farmers to abandon their farms.

Anthony further says the cost of inputs and production had become exorbitant, even though the government was subsidising prices.

However, he says there were possibilities that the industry should seek to exploit.


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  1. The Prime Minister has not yet discussed these possibilities with Saint Lucians therefore we have a few questions for him:(1)Where is the land?(2)Who are the farmers and how were they identified(3) Where are they located? (4) How many farmers will be involved? (5) What crops will they use? (6) Where is the market? Perhaps the Prime Minister's agents in Jamaican will ask him these burning questions on our behalf because Saint Lucians are still very much in the dark about the Prime Minister's grand plans for the agriculture sector.

  2. where are the markets for all those crops you speak about Mr.Prime Minister? when we plant them what do we do we them because as it is we already have so much wastage with our crops.

  3. Look like Kenny needs to give back the country to his partner KING. Is it a case of where Kenny is finally telling St. Lucians he cannot run the country ,he has no clue what to do. He and his ministers are clueless
    He needs to give Fletcher the hot sit, he will do a better Job!

  4. Am i reading correctly or do i sense that this PM just speaks words in order to get attention from the media? I am gonna take the PM's assertions one by one and examine them.

    He mentioned a new cadre of farmers what is he specifically talking about? I am guessing that in order to have this new farmer phenonemon we would have to set up proper agricultural zones to make land available. I don't know if this new farmer mentality is in sync with his YAP program. This program's name speaks for itself as i dare anyone to look into what this program has done to date.

    On the black sigatoka disease it was contended that the people given contracts to spay the affected fields were some party following contractors who treated only the edges of plantations and claimed their moneys. The inside of these fields then re-infected the fields again. All this was done with the Minister of Agriculture claiming success in fighting the disease. To quote the PM now saying "the black sigatoka disease had taken a toll on plantations forcing some farmers to abandon their farms." Is that the success that the MInister alluded to?

    Last point to quote the PM again "there were possibilities that the industry should seek to exploit." What are these POSSIBILITIES? Or is it a possibility that the PM is just talking SHIT.

    • You are spot on. The Prime Minister does not have a clue or interest in this country. He like to talk which is akin to his training as a lawyer and teacher. He comes across like a bluffing politician who really does not care much about the country and people! It is sad that some people in this country believe him. Looks like we all will learn the hard way.

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