St Lucia government called upon to clarify intentions following local councils audit

St Lucia government called upon to clarify intentions following local councils audit
LPM leader Therold Prudent
LPM leader Therold Prudent

The Lucian People’s Movement (LPM) has called upon Saint Lucia’s Prime Minister Dr Kenny Anthony to clarify his government’s true intentions now that the results of the investigations in the town and village council report are in its possession.

The LPM also added that, while the allegations made in the report are a cause for serious concern, it is equally troubled by the government’s behaviour since the report was introduced in the House of Assembly on May 14, 2013.

Speaking on behalf of the LPM, Therold Prudent, the political leader of the party, noted that “If the former government allegedly engaged in the embezzlement of Taiwanese funds, it is still not clear whether this administration has the courage or the confidence to declare their findings to the police and the DPP for further action, proves that our government is only interested in creating a public spectacle.”

Prudent said that given the level of economic hardship and social instability in the country, if the Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) government was truly serious about tackling the nation’s problems and ridding the people of Saint Lucia of a lifetime of poverty, it wouldn’t have wasted so much time engaging in a vicious campaign of political gamesmanship and attrition against the United Workers Party (UWP) long after the report was certified as complete.

An honest government, Prudent added, would simply turn over its findings to the respective law enforcement agencies in the country and allow them to do their work without interfering. It would not seek to divert the public’s attention for weeks on end from its performance on a report that it claims is compelling enough to endure the rigorous scrutiny of our judicial system.

The LPM leader explained that, while the allegations made against the UWP merit thorough scrutiny, Saint Lucians should be concerned about a government that seems determined to circumvent the powers of the judicial system by propagating a bellicose and divisive political atmosphere.

“This government, the government of the SLP, cannot continue to behave as if it has more power than was allotted to it by the Saint Lucian Constitution,” he said.

Prudent also stated that, given the government’s outrageous political behaviour since the findings were made public, Saint Lucians should be worried about the recent news that their government plans to ignore their constitutional right of voting through a referendum, as to whether or not the island approves the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) as its ultimate legal body.

He further stated that it is against the backdrop of the government’s undemocratic conduct that anyone who opposes this government and stands accused of breaking our laws should be worried. The possibility of having a Labour government that has the ability to influence criminal and civil cases that are being handled by the CCJ is a very frightening possibility.

“Saint Lucia is still a nation of laws and not a dictatorship. Therefore, our prime minister, and those who are currently temporarily endowed with the authority to lead our nation, must be cognizant of our democratic principles and not seek to pass themselves off as chief investigators, judges, juries and executioners,” Prudent said.

“All those accused of wrong are entitled to due process in an independent court of law. Therefore, seeking to try defendants on political platforms, through social media or through other channels that dare not question the Labour party’s abuse of its authority, is extremely worrisome!” he concluded.


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  1. Wake up St. Lucians. You do not want war St. Lucia. You cannot blame America for not giving St. Lucia aid because of the countries, the so call, Prime minister has contacts with...Iran of all places, world's worse enemy! Sooner or later, if this man is going to Iran for aid St. Lucia will be use as a base to target other countries. Wake up Lucians and make the right choice....God's power is stronger than the don't want war in your small beautiful island!


  2. Mr.Prudent has made some strong arguments in this article. I am still waiting to see what the present government will do about this embezzlement by members of the former administration if they have reliable evidence as they claim. Or is this just another case of wasting thousands of tax-payers dollars on useless investigations?


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