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St. Lucia finishes in 1st runner up position in Miss International Elegance Mother’s Pageant, takes 3 awards

By Horace Cunningham, SNO Staff Writer

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2016-11-02-09_28_28-miss-international-elegance-2016-protected-view-microsoft-word-product-actiSt. Lucia performed quite well in the just concluded Miss International Elegance Mother’s Pageant, finishing in 1st runner up position.

The pageant, which saw mothers in the Caribbean compete in several areas, was won by Miss St. Maarten.

The host country for the pageant was St. Maarten.

Miss St. Lucia also took home three awards, becoming the top performer in three out of nine different areas. These include:

  • Best Country Delegate on Facebook
  • Best African Wear
  • Best Evening Wear

St. Lucia was the only represented country to take more than two awards in these areas.




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