St Lucia endorses the ECERA

St Lucia endorses the ECERA

The Government of Saint Lucia officially endorsed the establishment of the Eastern Caribbean Energy Regulatory Authority (ECERA) project. The official launch of the Regulatory Authority took place at the Grenada Trade Centre yesterday.

The objective of the ECERA project is to establish and operationalise a regional approach to the development of the electricity sector in the participating OECS countries by supporting the establishment of the ECERA to serve as many OECS member states as possible.

Saint Lucia’s Minister for Sustainable Development, Energy, Science and Technology Dr James Fletcher urged the regional energy committee to develop mechanisms that would allow the other four independent members of the OECS to join the ECERA project.

At the launch it was the consensus that other OECS member territories should get on board in order to ensure success of the project as it presents benefits to the entire sub-region.

The ECERA project is being executed by the OECS Secretariat. Currently Saint Lucia and Grenada are the only two founding members.

The ECERA Project is intended to act as a vehicle to promote greater participation of the OECS in the energy sector.


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