St. Lucia Embassy in the US to ship barrels of relief aid next week, calls for more donations

St. Lucia Embassy in the US to ship barrels of relief aid next week, calls for more donations

The Embassy of Saint Lucia in Washington DC United States has thanked all who donated items towards its recent drive for relief aid for victims of the Christmas Eve trough which battered the south and south west areas of the Saint Lucia.

Eleven barrels (2750 pounds) of relief supplies were trucked to Miami and is scheduled to be airlifted to Saint Lucia on Tuesday January 14, 2014, the embassy said in a release.

“The response was overwhelming from members of the Caribbean diaspora as well as the friends of Saint Lucia in the Washington Metropolitan area,” the release said.

According to the release, the distribution of these donations on will be done in an “organized, transparent and accountable manner.”

“The District Disaster Committees have begun visiting all affected homes and persons with a view to assessing what was lost by members of households. In this regard a victim administrative form for each person will be completed. This form will assist the distributors in providing what is needed to the victims.”

The embassy further made an appeal to members of the diaspora who may have family members that are victims of the trough to register with the District Disaster Committee as it will be helpful if they wish to send replacement furniture, appliances and other electrical equipment to them.

Members of the diaspora who register with the District Disaster Committee will not be required to pay port duties on these items.

Moreover, the embassy said that it is still accepting financial donations.

These can be made in the ways listed below:

1. Through the Pan American Development Foundation (PADF) via the following link:

2. By wire transfer to Account Number 15454223, Routing Number 254070116
(instructions are attached, you must mention the purpose of the wire transfer so that
it can be added to the Memo/Notes)

3. By Cheque payable to PADF indicating in the memo that it is for Saint Lucia Relief.
Cheques should be mailed to the Embassy of Saint Lucia but must be made out to

4. By wire transfer or Cheque to the following accounts in Saint Lucia in the name of the
Government of Saint Lucia:

Bank Swift Code Account Number

RBTT RBTTLCLC 1800300000047196

Royal Bank of Canada ROYCLCLC 1002252

Bank of Nova Scotia NOSCLCLC 2002817

Bank of Saint Lucia BOSLLCLC 901300136

First Caribbean International Bank FCIBLCLC 106962170


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  1. at least there is one comment on that subject while there are 32 comments on Dear Willies column, its quite clear whats important to the folks in st.lucia


  2. 11 Barrels and you all made headlines out of that? How about 56 Barrels from non government body and not a word about that.


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