St. Lucia cricket stadium in debt again – media report

St. Lucia cricket stadium in debt again – media report
The Beausejour cricket stadium was named in honour of Daren Sammy after he guided the West Indies to their second ICC World T20 title in 2016.
The Beausejour cricket stadium was named in honour of Daren Sammy after he captained the West Indies team to their second ICC World T20 title in 2016.

The Daren Sammy Cricket Ground (DSCG) is reportedly in high amounts of debt, again.

The facility owes power company Saint Lucia Electricity Services Limited (LUCELEC) and Water and Sewerage Company (WASCO) hundreds of thousands in dollars for unpaid bills, reports indicate.

According to an HTS News4orce report earlier this week, a WASCO bill for the stadium dated November 14, 2017 showed that it owes $312,316.32 in unpaid bills. This dates back three years. In addition, a $250 reconnection fee and VAT on that fee of $31.25 is also due, since the stadium’s water supply has been cut.

While the DSCG still has electricity, it is believed that it owes a similar amount of arrears to LUCELEC.

This is not the first time that the facility has been in hot water with utility companies. In January 2012, sometime before Saint Lucia hosted an international cricket match between West Indies and Austrailia, the public learnt that the stadium, the Beausejour Cricket Ground at the time, owed LUCELEC over $541,000 and a similar amount to WASCO. The stadium’s electricity supply had been interrupted.

The then Youth and Sports Minister, Shawn Edward, had confirmed that the facility had not paid utility bills for three years.

Subsequently, the utility companies and the DSCG were able to develop a payment plan which was honoured by the National Lotteries Authority on the stadium’s behalf, because the company which managed the stadium, Sports St. Lucia Inc., was unable to meet these expenses.

In the past, the facility has also had troubles paying National Insurance Corporation( NIC) dues. A few years ago, the NIC wrote to the Sports Ministry that there was over $100,000 in contributions owed by the stadium for its staff.


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  1. Well that's just the beginning, the staff have been on a go slow. Pay the companies who made you'll look good in the eyes of foriegn officials, the current gov promised to help bail out but looks like I smell a bigger rat, using the poor facility to syphon our tax money's. To date the poor little companies who financed the last games cah get a black cent. We gullable Lucians like to involve politics and politicians in everything. The very people we elected to manage our money. We as Lucians need to come together and stop standing for no sense. The problems are not the staff, they are the board....from minister to board members! Richard take a closer look;


  2. Si why has "st.lucia sport inc." Contract to manage the DSCG not been terminated since they cannot manage properly.

    Where are the funds that are supposed to pay thèse utilities

    DSCG should pay their bills monthly Just like me.


  3. yall see but if is us the little neg marons they quick to disconnect us. lucelec and wasco to nasty yall could have simple just cut the supplies after one month or two and have it reconnected after all or a certain sum is paid but they just letting it acquire just so that they can get money and not anything back they giving to the community.


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