St. Lucia Consulate in New York says “thanks”

St. Lucia Consulate in New York says “thanks”
Krisner Jean
Krisner Jean

The Saint Lucia Consulate General in New York is delighted to report that Joash Krisner Jean, the Saint Lucian national who went missing last week has been found.

A kind Brooklyn resident was able to assist him get back to his family. Although a little disoriented when found, Mr. Jean appears in good spirits.

The Consulate would like to thank all who assisted in any way in locating him; we wish to particularly note the great enthusiasm displayed by persons during the search. Further, we wish to express thanks on behalf of the family who are very relieved that he was safely found. It was a period of great anxiety and the family is grateful for the tremendous support that was afforded them.

We do wish Mr. Jean well and hope that he fully enjoys the rest of his holiday here in the US.

Signed: Hon. Julian Du Bois, Consul-General


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