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‘St. Lucia citizen’ among three on drug charges in Grenada: report


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Decauris Fransico Alberto, a Dominican Republic national reportedly with St Lucia citizenship

(CMC) – Three people, including two foreigners, will return to court on November 9 after they were charged in connection with the seizure of EC$300,000 in cocaine in Grenada last weekend.

Police said that Decauris Fransico Alberto, a Dominican Republic national with St Lucia citizenship, and a supervisor at a local manufacturing firm, as well as Venezuelan Brenny Emeneria Drira Lopez and Grenadian businessman Daniel “Diego” Peters, were arrested last Sunday.

Police said Alberto has been charged with trafficking in a controlled drug and possession of a controlled drug. He was been placed on EC$200,000 and ordered to surrender all his travel documents.

They said Drira Lopez was charged with money laundering and conspiracy to trafficking in a controlled drug. He has been remanded into custody. Peters was placed on EC$200,000 bail with three sureties.

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  1. What ever happened to the Barbados business men who were found with drug?

  2. Hope St.Lucia deport his azz after his sentence in Grenada. We do not need these people back home they are forever drug mules. Wake up St.Lucia no citizenship for Venezuelan and Dominican Republic period.

  3. 11/03/2018

    Spiritual message from the Lord for this day, he wants the world to know that the Tribulation begins today, the time has expired when he allowed a little window of time for the lost and the wicked to repent and turn to him. The decree will be signed and his tears will fall from Heaven. His righteous will be persecuted but he will feed them with manna from Heaven. It will be uncomfortable here on earth because of all the distresses that will take place, he asks us not to fear but continue to pray, darkness shall cover the earth for those who do not have his light but others will be persecuted for that light. And when the beast who is the in shadows waiting for his power to be given unto him, then God shall remove his people. They shall inherit houses they did not build, wells they did not dig, vine yards they did not plant and lots more.
    The plan is to remove Gods people from the way and to create his own beings that already exists around the world (robots and artificial intelligence) so they can do whatever they want to do here on earth. We are in the time of iron and clay and that God will have his way and no one can stop him.

    Stay in Prayer!


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