St. Lucia can “safely” house up to 50 prisoners from hurricane-ravaged islands


Prime Minister Allen Chastanet (inset photo) said he has consulted with local prison and security officials and that our facilities including the Bordelais Correctional Facility can hold additional inmates from the hurricane-ravaged islands.

(PRESS RELEASE) – Local security officials as well as the British Government will ensure prisoners brought to Saint Lucia will be safely transferred and not pose a risk to Saint Lucia’s population.

The British Virgin Islands and Turks and Caicos are facing dire circumstances with securing prisoners following the destruction of some prisons by Hurricane Irma and it is believed that over 100 criminals are on the loose in those countries. Saint Lucia has initially agreed in the first instance to house three prisoners in order to assist our Caribbean friends in need, said the Prime Minister.

Meanwhile, the death toll associated with the Hurricane continues to rise, with 24 people reportedly killed in the Caribbean alone.

Prime Minister Honourable Allen Chastanet assured the House of Assembly on Tuesday September 12th that the Ministry for Security, the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force and the management of Bordelais Correctional Facility have assessed the situation and communicated that Saint Lucia can safely house up to 50 prisoners. The Prime Minister has assured that the transfer will be carefully worked out with the British providing support and will not pose a threat to the people of Saint Lucia.

Prime Minister Chastanet explained that Saint Lucia has been helping in the assistance to islands ravaged by Hurricane Irma in various ways. Saint Lucia has reached out to nationals living in those islands and in some cases arranged evacuation and housing. Through the National Emergency Management Organization (NEMO) and with the assistance of the private sector Saint Lucia has also sent aid.

The Prime Minister, who is also Chairman of the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS), told the House of Parliament that he saw up close the destruction when he visited Antigua, Anguilla and the BVI.

“The devastation is very severe,” the Prime Minister said.

The Prime Minister explained that in making the decision to accept the prisoners he considered what would have happened if in fact Saint Lucia was in similar dire need. In times of disaster Saint Lucia also received immense relief and support from the British and the French.

“So the Government of Saint Lucia has agreed at the request of the British Government to take in three prisoners that will be coming in from Turks and Caicos,” PM Chastanet announced. “I have consulted with the Commissioner of Police and the Minister for Security, as well as with the staff of Bordelais. The initial inventory is that if needs be on a temporary basis we have the capacity to house fifty (50) prisoners. In this instance we are only bringing in three prisoners at the first request and those prisoners are going to be coming in from Turks and Caicos of prisoners.”

The Prime Minister went on: “Let me take the opportunity to assure all St Lucians that your security is not being put at risk. But I think this is the humane thing for us to have done at a time when our brothers and sisters and our friends and family need us the most. It is the most important time for us to stand up and be counted.”


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  1. Mr Chastanet you cannot even take care of the people who voted for you and now you want to take care foreign prisoners. Tell me Mr Chastanet why do you have such soft spot for foreigners is because you are one yourself? Please do us a favor and go back to your home because we want to enjoy our homeland the place we were born in peace.

  2. That is simply a back scratching to get one from the UK's at its time and choosing, in return. But this against everything he has been telling us about the state of our finances. There is no money for nothing to the extent those still open face closure. where does your priorities lie mr god's gift to st lucia.

  3. A news article on the NY post said 40 prisoners will be housed by St Lucia. 50 spaces are being made available for 3 prisoners? St Vincent is taking students (way to go SVG) but our PM just has to fu*k us up with jail birds.

  4. Try putting a plan together to address the crimes levels that have gone unabated. Yes, all of this is happening under your watch. Rather thn the addressing the issues at home you are looking for every opportunity to travel at the state's expense.

    Your country has NO CONFIDENCE IN YOU.....only a JA would accept such an offer from someone leading a herd of SHEEP.

  5. We are not getting the full story. So now they going to have early release of some of our prisoners. That's the only way I can see, a place that was over crowded, all of a sudden have space for 50.

  6. WE DO NOT WANT TO ACCOMMODATE PRISONERS. PERIOD! We have enough problems already at our prison.

  7. “Let me take the opportunity to assure all St Lucians that your security is not being put at risk."

    Really? Our security has been put at risk, daily, hourly for years. We are awash in crime. Where's the Impacs report?

  8. A publicity stunt.

  9. This is highly suspicious. If only 3 prisoners are to be taken why the constant harping that we can accommodate as many as 50. Something is fishy. Are we getting the full story?

    but if the 50 is correct then Bordelais is well within its capacity, even to take in high risk prisoners and then St. Lucians were being misled by the Bordelais staff for always crying out overcrowding

  10. My father always tell me Chastanet is a Stupid boy !! Every one knows the prison is over crowded. It has exceeded the maximum capacity it should hold. But this idiot trying to insult people intelligence with the bullshit article. These guys so desperate for a dollar they will do anything. Our leaders are so irresponsible and failing in everything the try to undertake, it's gonna take a miracle to help these idiots make proper decisions.

  11. sick, delusion and a liar, who cares not about the country or people. because his family is well taken care of.

  12. Listen pm our prison is already overcrowded

  13. But I thought originally the Prime LIAR Chastenet said we were only taking 3. Now that the UK newspapers has exposed the truth about the 40 HIGH RISK PRISONERS we can house up to 50. I hope that they won't be making the St. Lucian prisoners sleep 6 to a cell to accommodate these CRIMINALS! I am not surprised that Chastent chose to help the CRIMINALS, instead of old people and children. After all, bird of a feather flock together!
    CHASTENET TOO DAMN LIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. just the last time yall said boredelias was crowded . am not sure if this might be a good idea i mean its the british virgin islands aren't they still under the British? so send them to Britain then

  15. STOP ALREADY! !!!

  16. Yea right !


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