St. Lucia boasts largest number of Certified Management Consultants in the Caribbean

St. Lucia boasts largest number of Certified Management Consultants in the Caribbean

photoPRESS RELEASE – The Association of Management Consultants (Saint Lucia) Ltd, AMCS, is proud to announce that nine of its members recently received international certification and are now Certified Management Consultants (CMCs).

They join Dr. Vasantha Chase, Saint Lucia’s first CMC, bringing the number of CMCs in Saint Lucia to 10, the highest number in the Caribbean. Of the 26 CMCs in the Caribbean, Barbados follows Saint Lucia with 5, Trinidad and Tobago 4, Jamaica 2, Suriname 2, Bahamas 2 and Dominica 1.

CMC is a unique and worldwide competence standard for individual management consultants, making the CMC designation a clear endorsement of global expertise which earns the trust and business of clients worldwide.

The certification process is rigorous and includes participation in a Principles of Management Consulting course, undertaking an Ethics exam and a Psychometric test, preparation of 3 Engagement Summaries under the guidance of a mentor and an Oral assessment.

It is no small wonder that Saint Lucia has now achieved the highest number of CMCs in the region, as the President of the Caribbean Institute of Certified Management Consultants (a member institute of the International Council of Management Consulting Institute) Dr. Vasantha Chase, was the mentor for all the 9 Saint Lucian candidates during the preparation for certification.

Dr. Chase herself is ​ a Management Consultant with practices in Saint Lucia and the British Virgin Islands and has been a practicing consultant for the last 8 years, having previously served as the Director of Social and Sustainable Development in the OECS.  Dr. Chase is Saint Lucia’s first Certified Management Consultant, receiving her certification in 2011.

The nine CMCs who have now received mmembership into the esteemed international community of management consultants are Agnes Francis, Dr. Claudius Preville, Geraldine Lendor-Gabriel, Keith Millar, Luvette Louisy, Dr. Stephen Louis, Thecla Deterville, Vimla St. Hill and Wilton Bleasdille.

Commenting on this sterling achievement, President of the Association of Management Consultants, Dr. Claudius Preville, acknowledged the financial contribution made by the SLCSI which spurred the AMCS into action.  “The SLCSI through its Executive Director Yvonne Agard, has been a steady hand of support to the AMCS and in advocating for the services sector in general to be recognised and provided with the appropriate policy environment to succeed and contribute to national development.”

Dr. Preville also noted that this international certification, paves the way for both the public and private sector to recognize the valuable resource which exists right here in Saint Lucia to support business and national development.


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  1. At last, we have our own group of local cognoscenti? Wow! Are we going to turn the page on the legions of ignoramuses and smart asses who shoot shate on a daily basis and think that they are really smart?


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