St. Lucia banking on Spencer and Scheper

St. Lucia banking on Spencer and Scheper
Levern Spencer
Levern Spencer

St. Lucia’s main medal hopefuls at the ongoing Commonwealth Games in Glasgow – Levern Spencer and Jeannelle Scheper – have duly qualified for the women’s high jump final scheduled to get underway tomorrow, August 1.

Though no one managed 1.88m to automatically qualify for the final, Spencer and Scheper were among the 10 athletes who managed to clear 1.85m and make it through.

Spencer, the Commonwealth rankings leader with 1.96m done in April – two centimetres less than her personal best – finished second in Group A, while her 19-year-old teammate Scheper finished fourth in Group B with a season’s best 1.85m. Scheper has a personal best of 1.92m.

At the 2010 Commonwealth Games in India, Spencer recorded St. Lucia’s best-ever individual finish – third place – in her pet event, joining Dominic Johnson, who took bronze in men’s pole vault in 2002 in Manchester.


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  1. Spencer is happily and merrily running and jumping around. Nothing serious.
    She is having fun, fun, fun 🙂


  2. Thank you for the coverage! We appreciate that you are keeping up with us so steadily. Thank you for all the support!
    I just want to make a quick correction.

    It is not that no one "managed" to clear 1.88m. The aim of the prelims was to narrow the group down to 12 girls, the meet organizers predicted it would take a height of 1.88m in order to eliminate enough people to end with a group of 12 for finals and so set the automatic qualifying height as such. However, after 1.85m, there was only 12 women left so competition stopped. Also,
    Neither Levern nor myself receieved a place. It was a series of ties since the prelims are not meant for making places, but rather just qualifying for finals.

    Both of us cleared all heights on first attempts (as did a few others, leaving us all tied) so listing her as second and me as fourth is a little misleading.
    I just wanted to clarify because i know that not many people understand how prelims for a field event works and a few people have asked me.
    Again, thank you for keeping everyone up to date with our progress!


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