St. Lucia and Martinique strengthen ties

St. Lucia and Martinique strengthen ties

PRESS RELEASE – The Government of Saint Lucia will sign a declaration of intention of cooperation with the Regional Council of Martinique, during an official visit by Prime Minister Dr. Kenny Anthony to the neighbouring island this week.

In an effort to strengthen bilateral cooperation, the two islands will sign an agreement that will facilitate the exchange of ideas and opportunities in tourism development, renewable energy, trade facilitation, health cooperation and the creative and cultural industries.

During his stay in Martinique, Prime Minister Anthony will visit the Prefect of Martinique and will meet with the President of the Regional Council of Martinique Serge Letchimy. The prime minister is also scheduled to address the Regional Council.

Anthony left Saint Lucia on Sunday, June 1, 2014 and will return on Tuesday, June 3, 2014. Dr. Anthony is accompanied by his Administrative Attache Calixte George Jr.

Philip J. Pierre, deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Infrastructure, Port Services and Transport will act as prime minister, from June 1-3, 2014.


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  1. Exactly 200 years ago this month, a great injustice (the Treaty of Paris) was done to us and Martiniquais when the separated us politically, so this is fitting today. But in reality, the people stayed close, our closest and deepest relationship in the world is with Martiniquais.

    Now, Kenny has screwed up over and over again, but if someone asked me years from now, what his legacy was, I'd say the reintegration with Martinique. So I say, bravo Kenny!

    Vive La Martinique, et Sainte-Lucie!


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