St. Lucia among countries failing to do enough to address narcotics corruption – U.S Department of State reports


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Political leaders of seven Eastern Caribbean countries, including St. Lucia have been identified as failing to address concerns of corruption related to illegal drug trafficking in their countries.

That’s according to a United States Department of State report, which has named Antigua and Barbuda, Barbados, Dominica, Grenada, St. Kitts and Nevis, St. Lucia, and St. Vincent and the Grenadines as the countries with that problem.

The US government said that these islands host abundant transshipment points for illicit narcotics, primarily from Colombia and Venezuela destined for North American, European and domestic Caribbean markets.

The 2014 International Narcotics Control Strategy Report indicated that national strategic law enforcement plans, including comprehensive vetting programmes, remain largely unaddressed, creating a serious vulnerability to narcotics corruption.

“Local and international law enforcement believe traffickers increasingly make use of yachts for drug transit, though “go-fast” boats, fishing trawlers, and cargo ships continue to be used. Drug transshipment through the Eastern Caribbean increased in 2013,” the report stated.

It added that many of the homicides in those countries were as a result of turf wars between organized criminal groups fighting to control drug distribution. While the U.S has considered that regional political leaders have made a step in the right direction to approve a comprehensive strategic law enforcement plan with support from CARICOM, “political leaders, however, have largely failed to address public concerns of official corruption.”

“No senior government officials in the Eastern Caribbean were prosecuted for engaging in or facilitating the illicit production or distribution of controlled drugs or laundering of proceeds from illegal drug transactions. Nonetheless, U.S. analysts believe drug trafficking organisations elude law enforcement through bribery, influence, or coercion,” the State Department report noted.

The U.S. has suggested that the seven Caribbean countries use Jamaica’s approach of instituting new laws and policies as an example to build robust anti-corruption programmes in their countries.

There is also a need to modernise criminal codes to make use of regional best practices in fighting transnational organised crimes, the U.S recommended, adding that St. Lucia and Dominica should be commended for progress to this end.

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  1. Uncle Sam hypocrite is no more than a bully always want to tell the smaller ones "don't do as I do" yet they legalise Ganga in some states, and US are collecting taxes on Ganga.
    they need to sort out themselves the real issue for them is China, and Russia.
    Uncle Sam stop your Bullying.

  2. i say take their visass

  3. AA since when USA?...lmao choops,that's a non-story.

  4. You see the hypocrisy. They don't want their money coming home.

  5. worriedAboutLucia

    If they protect their borders properly they won't have to worry about transshipment. They more boboliss at their entry points but pointing fingers at other countries.

  6. We must not be too emotional about the US observation. Instead let us focus on our leaders who really need to do more about the growing drug situation. If we don't well all fall down. There's a suspicion too that our leaders do nothing tangible, but allow the problem to exists and grow, because they thrive on our dysfunctionality. So, in a very real sense, we willingly contribute to the growing problem... too quick to make a lot of thoughtless statements... too quick to react negatively when the issue has been raised by those who know and study it's very development and possible implication.

  7. What is wrong with them? they legalizing weed in america, but want the islands to lock up their citizens?

  8. The US is looking for ' low hanging fruits,' why don't they go after the cocaine producers? And better yet, why don't they go and deal with their real threat, Russia and China?

    Two words for the US...SOD OFF!

  9. They need to address the POVERTY problem first! People do what the hell they can do to survive!! Fxking bayteez. People in misery, NO jobs but MARIJUANA they making a problem.

  10. The hypocrisy of the USA.


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