St.Lucia Air Freighters celebrated its 25th Anniversary

St.Lucia Air Freighters celebrated its 25th Anniversary

unnamedPRESS RELEASE – On Saturday 31st October 2015, St.Lucia Air Freighters celebrated its 25th Anniversary.

St.Lucia Air Freighters was founded in October 1990 by Mr. Newman Ellis Monrose who was the former Island Director for Eastern Airlines. Following his passing in 2011, his wife, Francilia Emmanuel-Monrose, took ownership of the company.

St Lucia Air Freighters, agent for Amerijet International, is a full service multi-modal transportation and logistics provider, offering international scheduled all cargo transport via land, sea and air. Amerijet International is the only all-cargo carrier in St.Lucia for the past 20 years.

All long standing customers using the company for the past 25 years were invited to the event, where tokens and awards were given to show the company’s appreciation. Long standing employees over 5 years were also appreciated.

St.Lucia Air Freighters would like to thank all of its customers for their loyalty and support over the last 25 years, we look forward to serving you for 25 more!

You are the origin in which we emerge, where there is team work and collaboration, there is no limit to growth. From the management & staff of St.Lucia Air Freighters.


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