St Kitts: Single mom appeals for assistance for her daughter

St Kitts: Single mom appeals for assistance for her daughter

(PRESS RELEASE) – A single mother and sole provider of herself and a special needs child is appealing for assistance at this time of crisis and financial strain.

The mother said she has been denied assistance from the Social and Community Development Department and even from the PAP and STEP programmes and the assistance is now more necessary especially at a time of continued lockdown.

“Another time is coming fast when citizens are allowed to go out and buy more essentials then return to lock down. I have done this essential shopping two times already and I now have no money to purchase essentials for my child, the next time,” the mother said.

She said she cannot go at this time to a supermarket and give the child’s name as a welfare-assisted person because the child has been refused a food voucher by the government’s Social and Community Development Department.
The Department has told the mother that the child is not qualified for assistance.

“I also cannot depend on assistance from the Poverty Alleviation Programme (PAP) either because she was denied that monthly assistance as well,” the mother related.

“At this time, special consideration is being given to others by the Poverty Alleviation Programme under the current circumstances. My special needs/disabled child whose needs I have to single handedly provide for, is not getting any assistance or consideration,” the mother added.

“My daughter has been paralyzed from the age of 12 years and she has never received any assistance from the government welfare. She has been asked instead, by the same department to go to the McKnight Community Centre to get some assistance via the STEP programme. My daughter is sick. She is paralyzed from her chest down. She has back pains everyday. It is very painful for her to sit up for long periods. She has uncomfortable days and nights. She is always struggling with allergies that give her severe headaches, ear pains and nasal passage congestions,” the mother said.

“This sometimes even makes it difficult for her to breathe. She cannot use the bathroom by herself. She wears pampers and defecates on herself, requiring the assistance of someone to tidy her. My daughter is in no condition to go out and get a job. She has a jovial spirit and an inspiring smile, but she suffers greatly,” said the mother.

” Every assistance to help her through her struggles as she tries to cope generally, as well as at this time will be greatly appreciated,” the mother appealed.


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