St Kitts: Outrage over possible early release of prisoner who drugged, raped and left a seven-year-old girl unconscious and bleeding

St Kitts: Outrage over possible early release of prisoner who drugged, raped and left a seven-year-old girl unconscious and bleeding
Calvert Doyling
Calvert Doyling

(PRESS RELEASE) – Outrage over the possibility of an early release of a prisioner who drugged and raped a seven-year old girl eleven years ago and the present construction of a house for him in the St Christopher 7 Constituency of Prime Minister Dr the Hon Timothy Harris, who is also the Minister of National Security with responsibility for the prison.

Calvert Doyling’s name is among a list of 31 prisoners for consideration of early release sent to the Ministry of National Security by Commissioner of Corrections, Mr Terrance James. The communication, dated April 7, 2020, the 11th anniversary of this “wicked and cruel act,” was leaked and posted on social media.

Doyling was convicted, pleaded guilty and sentenced to 16 years in jail for taking the child from her home in the early morning of April 4, 2009, drugged and raped her and left her in a grass track where she was found unconscious and bleeding by an older sister.

He was originally charged with rape, but pleaded guilty to unlawful carnal knowledge at the traial. He withdrew his appeal at the court hearing when he was informed that he could be given a stiffer sentence.

Scores of citizens and residents have been expressing outrage on social media, not only on the possible early release but also on the disclosure that a house is being built for Doyling in Tabernacle under the supervision of Denzil Harris, deputy commissioner of prisons and brother of the prime minister.

Comments are as follows:

T.K.J: “Nobody who is in prison for unlawful carnal knowledge should get no damn early release… complete and utter nonsense!”

Xo’myia Stanley: “A man on this list was convicted of having a sexual encounter with a SEVEN YEAR OLD!!!!!! S-E-V-E-N !!”
Q.J: “Early release should only be for non-violent crimes not a rapist.”

Everton Powell: “People are very pissed off about number 28 as he was convicted after tranquilizing a 7-year-old and raped her,”

DW: “He should have been given a life sentence and never ever ever see the sunlight again in life.”

Tamelia Demming: “He’s being rewarded for destroying a child’s life. He’s getting his house over Tabernacle for being good with and doing work for the (Harris) famaaaalay. Single mothers overlooked. A house to greet him when he gets out.”

MW: “Not one of them should get out, especially those charged with unlawful carnal knowledge.”

SM: “I thought early releases do not apply to sex offenders. That child will be traumatized all over again.”

J Ko Rob: “The new motto should be ‘ crime pays’. Looks like the criminals have life in bago. Criminals getting paid to ‘ keep the peace’ without much paperwork if any.

Law-abiding citizens have to go through hell and high water to be paid $1000.00 from (PM Harris’) stimulus program.

They were proactive in stopping the visits to prisons, but weren’t proactive in closing the ports. They are now being proactive in releasing prisoners, even rapists. The child and her family must now be imprisoned in their home and minds for a crime which the rapist committed. EK was right, SKN ain’t a real place.”

SM: “Don’t forget he’s “supposedly going to be my neighbor” and am very upset abot that eh. I have a 9-year-old. I don’t care who’s gonna be upset cause I said this. Old Road people do not want him, why Tabernacle people mus tek him???? Strupesssss time gon tell tho.”

JD: “The man is a sick man to do that to a child. Anybody thinks he wouldn’t do it again living in a dream world. He should of get life!!!”

DDH – “Raping a child, pedophilia, should be punishable with a life sentence. He took the life of that child. There is too much of it happening to children and it will continue unless the laws and the Court get tougher! If you value the lives of women and children, you would not bring known pedophiles back into the villages. There is no cure for this !! This crime is not taken seriously enough.”

SP: “This was a henious, wicked and cruel act, which should never be forgiven. To release him even after completion of full sentence puts every child at risk.”

Denzil Harris is one of several brothers, sisters and relatives who have been appointed and promoted to several high positions by Dr Harris since he became Prime Minister Harris in February 2015.

Denzil Harris is known to use prisoners to carry out various jobs including construction outside the prison gates.

According to the Official Gazette, Denzil Harris on November 21, 2019 was appointed Chief Prison Officer, Her Majesty’s Prison, Acting Superintendent of Her Majesty’s Prison with effect from 1st January 2019 to 30th June, 2019 and Deputy Commissioner of Corrections, Her Majesty’s Prison, with effect from 1st July, 2019″ with an annual salary of EC$79,000 in the same scale as the Chief Engineer, Chief Veterinary Officer, Deputy Accountant General, Deputy Chief Fire Officer, Deputy Commissioner of Police and Deputy Comptroller, Inland Revenue.


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  1. That's a wrong thing they doing . Cause sm a single mother of 2 girl well want a house and stop move for village to village. And stop pay rent . I move back in my village and still no help. People who bang water getting better treatment
    But God nar sleep . A I see they want people kill people for the girl children. Hold them good .


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