St Kitts: Douglas Wattley expresses concern over Enver Pemberton; “Enver ain’t foolish, he has his ways, but he ain’t foolish”

St Kitts: Douglas Wattley expresses concern over Enver Pemberton; “Enver ain’t foolish, he has his ways, but he ain’t foolish”
Enver Pemberton
Enver Pemberton

(PRESS RELEASE) – For three years prior to 2015 and five years after, Cayon resident Enver Pemberton, a staunch PAM/Team Unity supporter has been a severe critic of the St Kitts-Nevis Labour Party administration.

Enver exercised and enjoyed his fundmental rights of free speech in an eloquent fashion on all the radio stations in St Kitts and Nevis.

With a change of administration in mid-February 2015, Pemberton continued his harsh criticism of the NextGen SKN Labour candidates and heaped glowing praise daily on the Government.

Pemberton became known to be on most occassions, the last voice to bring the curtains down or end the call-in programmes.

During the last three occassions, Pemberton gave notice that he was ‘retiring’ and in his last known public call, he queried why hardware stores and vehicle spare parts stores were not being allowed to open during the partial open days. He also asked why was the daughter of Pastor Leroy Benjamin, who had graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in nursing, was the only one not employed from a group 18 nurses.

“We are asking now in this new era where political reprisals must die for that to be rectified,” said Pemberton.

A few days later word spread on social media that Pemberton’s home was searched for guns, ammunition and drugs and that he was taken to the Psychiatric Ward at the J N France General Hospital.

Pemberton’s disappearance from public view and his incarceration was highlighted by Douglas Wattley during his popular radio programme “The Rebuttal” on Kyss 102.5 FM when he asked listeners to tell him about “the condition of my friend Enver Pemberton, also known as Evangelist Penn.”

“I have not heard anything about his well-being and I am concerned. You notice that it was after this statement that he was picked up and taken to the psychiatric ward,” said Wattley who noted that in his last known public statement, Pemberton “sounded quite lucid, he sounded quite sane in that statement. He was eloquent as he has always been and so I am trying to figure out why is it we are not hearing anything from Enver since he has been taken away.

If they took his phone, because somebody planned to do something untowards to Enver and I hope to God that they are trying their best to make him better rather than to ensure that he comes out less a person than he went in,” said Wattley, who continued:

“Enver ain’t foolish you know. He has his ways, but he ain’t foolish and when you see Enver in the last couple of days making certain statements that cause Team Unity members to pay attention, I believe Enver know what he was doing. You see Enver knows about 2015. He knows certain things about what Team Unity was doing, was willing to do and may have asked him to do in 2015. And like I tell you, he ain’t stupid, but they figure that you not going to believe a crazy man. They want to make sure that he is either seen to be crazy or that he is made to be crazy.”

“Enver knows that some people who were asked to do certain things, just like he was asked to do certain things. I am not saying he do it or not, but he knows that some of those same people after the elections demanded what they wanted and threatened until they got what they wanted, whether positions or money. Enver ain’t foolish. Enver watched some people who were just like him. They got theirs, they continue to get and he did not get. Enver ain’t foolish. They would like you to think that he crazy. Enver saw some people being taken care of to a significant degree and he was not,” Wattley related to his listeners.

“I personally believe that he was speaking certain truth to get the attention of other people but he may have underestimated the power of those individuals,” said Wattley, a former chairman of the Peoples Labour Party (PLP).


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