St. Kitts: Convicted murderer returns to prison after brief escape


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Romeo “Buncum” Cannonier

(CMC) – A convicted murderer serving a life sentence for killing two people, including a police officer, was back in custody after he escaped while on work assignment with other prisoners on Tuesday.

Police confirmed that Romeo “Buncum” Cannonier, who was convicted in 2004 for the murder of a policeman and in 2005 murder for the murder of a witness in the case, had turned himself in to prison authorities after being on the run.

Media reports said that Cannonier was working with a group of other prisoners near the government abattoir in the capital when he took off running.

Persons have taken to social media questioning why such a prisoner, whose last death sentence was handed down only 10 years prior, was allowed to be out in society with minimal security.

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