St. Kitts and Nevis’ minimum wage highest in the OECS


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– As a final report with recommendations from a 27-person National Advisory Committee on Minimum Wage is being prepared to be sent to Minister of Labour, the Hon. Patrice Nisbett, St. Kitts and Nevis leads the OECS with the highest minimum wage.

St. Kitts and Nevis’ Minimum Wage is presently$8.00 per hour or EC$320 per week, while other OECS nations minimum wage is between EC$4.05 per hour and EC$7.51 per hour.

Information obtained from the local Department of Labour indicates that the minimum wage in the other OECS countries are as follows: Antigua and Barbuda, EC$7.51 (EC$300.40 per week); Grenada, EC$6.00 (EC$240.00 weekly); St. Lucia, EC$5.00 per hour (EC$200.00 per week); St. Vincent and the Grenadines, EC$4.46 per hour (EC$178.40 per week); Dominica, EC$4.05 per hour (EC$162.00 per week).

It is interesting to note that Barbados’ minimum wage is EC$8.45 per day (EC$338.04 per week) and in Belize, EC$4.46 per day (EC$162.00 per week).

Commissioner of Labour, Mr. Spencer Amory said Minister Nisbett hosted a National Consultation with key stakeholders on 7thAugust 2014 at the headquarters of the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA).

He disclosed that the Committee met on 19th August, 21st August 2014, 26th August 2014 and 28th August 2014.

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  1. Politicians allowing foreign and local investors to exploit cheap labor in st.lucia is not a wise economic solution, a minimum wage of 5 dollars an hour is insulting to regular families, that is less than 2 us dollars before taxes and insurance, some people would say anything is better than nothing but that's ridiculous, have the exploitive investors and politicians take care of their families with that ridiculous don't need investors that at least provide their employees with a decent standard of living for their hard work, 5 dollars an hr don't cut it bro.let me see u feed your family on that.

  2. No wonder theres so much poor health and eating habits. Cost of living is too high compared to that minimum wage. But how many ppl are
    being paid that. Most are below.

  3. the minimum wage is St.Lucia needs to be address. it seems like the bodies responsible don't give a dam about what is happening. Everything has Vat and water and electricity have been added. the price of bread increased. they are discussing the increase in bus fare, even school fees have increased for my son at pre school. there is absolutely no talk about increase in salary. having a job means just over broke and i am wondering how persons are surviving when so many are unemployed. I JUST BELIEVE THAT ST.LUCIANS ARE COWARDS, THEY HAVE BIG MOUTHS FOR NOTHING. PPL HAVE MORE POWER THAN ANY POLITICAL PARTY, PROTEST AND GET SOLUTIONS DON'T LET THE GOVERNMENT PEE IN OUR EYES AND CALL IT RAIN

  4. Check yourll facts cuz many storesmstill payin les than that $5mper hour. Last year labour dept quoted nomhouelymwage on the books but a minimum of $250 per month. The new labour code which they were fightin over was only supposed to bring it to $750 per month. I aint know where they get dat $5 an hour from

  5. Going way-y-y-y beyond the obvious, with this RELATIVELY LOW MINIMUM WAGE, this begs this question: Why is Saint Lucia, THEREFORE, NOT ABLE TO ATTRACT into this country MORE FDI (Foreign Direct Investment)?

    This sort of forum and some kinds of visitors may not appreciate, nor encourage any kind of deep discussion on this. It is not in their INDIVIDUAL OR FAMILY OR PERSOANAL BUSINESS interest to do so.

    However, that is a very critical NATIONAL matter that the-powers-that-be should be explaining quite clearly to the man in the street. The masses.

    Happily, that is what an LPM-type led administration or COALLITION would be tackling frontally and realistically.

    That is what ... beyond the legions of unfulfilled political promises made, and the boringly stale hot-air, platform-induced claptrap ... people who really think out and create POSITVELY INNOVATIVE solutions, do.

  6. Its an error , come on

  7. ST.Lucia minimum wage is less than $5:00 per hour.

  8. How Can 8.45 per day equate to 338.04 per week in the case of Barbados

  9. There should be a minimum wage set in st.lucia... no employer shouldbe going below. But the government is not interested in that..... talking about it will deter ppl from investing in St. Lucia..... so I guess what they saying it's better for outside investors to come in and exploit people and paying then what they feel.

  10. Barbados u say is $8.45 per DAY? Confused

  11. Poverty in the world oh Lord

  12. You can't compare different countries and copy. It's not the job of government to dictate the terms between employer and employee. There are un intended consequences, such as the employer hiring less to compensate for extra outgoings.

  13. Raise the minimum wage in St. Lucia.

    • This is EXACTLY the kind of pie-in-the-sky, knee-jerk and thoughtless EXPECTED UWP/SLP solution. A real jackass UNINFORMED solution.


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