St Jude Hospital staff visit new hospital construction site

By St. Jude Hospital

(PRESS RELEASE) – Staff of St Jude Hospital got a first-hand look at the state of works on the St Jude Hospital Reconstruction Site through a series of visits to the site on Tuesday October 10, 2017.

Nearly fifty (50) employees representing all departments across the hospital received a guided tour of the facility.

There has been much talk and debate in the public domain recently about the St Jude Hospital reconstruction project.

The Board of Directors and Management of the Hospital are of the view that as key stakeholders the staff needed to be given the opportunity to see for themselves the state of the facility.

It is hoped that employees will gain a better understanding of what currently exists and be in a better position to make informed contributions to the discussion on the new hospital.

For most of the employees, it was their first time visiting the construction site since the fire of September 9, 2009.

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  1. To the argument that the St.Jude worker arent builders or engineers:

    Supposing you pay for your house to be built, you should just sit back and take whatever the engineer builds for you?
    I am sure not...Why .. Because you are the one who will live in the house, not the engineer, you are the one who knows whether your bedroom is big enough for your comfort? Of course he has the technical expertise to build, but he has to do so at your instruction and consultation.
    Otherwise by that logic, no house owner should be able to tell a builder that what they are building is good or not good.
    Engineers arent doctors so they dont know what conditions are the best. The staff cant just be asked to go ahead with what engineers provide.
    Perhaps there was a lack of communication between engineers and the medical staff.

  2. What is wrong with staff visiting the hospital? They are the ones who are required to work there, with all the issues of low ceilings, poor ventilation etc they must see where they are going and how to cope. Makes no sense to move into it and complain afterwards that corridors too narrow to wheel patients etc.
    LOOSHANS again .......smfh

  3. All i see is uwp staff looking at a 😈,go take care

    of patients ,thats yall jobs,not building

  4. Guy could not do it so he calls Mary, Mary could not do it so they call in Norman St. Ville, Norman could not do it so Guys tries again. Guy could not do it so he sends in Alicia Baptiste. Alicia could not do it so they bring in Nurses from St. Jude. It is all a charade. Somebody has to profit at the expense of the public purse so they pulling all tactics to convince the public. #Judas #Treasonous
    Looks like Helen not of Troy has a her own version of the 40 thieves.

  5. These are the people that can form a pannel appoint a contractor and make the hospital work. Not politicians.

  6. They are nurses, you idiot, not building inspectors

    • I am speechless ! Their purpose of their visit is for what ??

    • They were visiting, you jackass. They were not there to give an engineering or structural opinion. Fool.

      • The are not there to give structural or engineering opinions yet they are visiting an unfinished building. What are they there to advise on? You appear to be well informed. Are you Norman in Disguise or are you a paid operative or hired hand??

  7. The fact that "WE" are only hearing one side of the story raises questions on the legitimacy of the claims made Guy. Who is there to object to the demolition plans when all you hear is negativity from paid journalists. Even the staff on this visit are uninformed as to what to look out for ( except for obvious flaws) to make a conclusion on the state of the facility in its present form.

    Basically WE demand a second INDEPENDENT audit! A Second diagnosis!

    • Are u paying for the second Audit or u just hard headed

      • Since when paying for an audit is a concern?

        Everyone but you it seems understands and is educated enough to know that even Govt technical staff could have done an audit for free-after all they are already on the payroll! Do you even know who did the audit? Of course not cause it (the audit) has not been made public - tet sec!

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