St. Jude Hospital signs partnership agreement with AmeriCares

St. Jude Hospital signs partnership agreement with AmeriCares
St. Jude Hospital operations are at the stadium where working conditions have been described as dungeon-like.
St. Jude Hospital.
St. Jude Hospital.

PRESS RELEASE – St. Jude Hospital (SJH) will serve as the distribution centre for medical supplies earmarked for public health facilities in St Lucia through a new partnership agreement signed with the international aid organization – AmeriCares.

AmeriCares is a non-profit disaster relief and humanitarian aid organization which provides immediate response to emergency medical needs and supports long-term health care initiatives in the United States and around the world.

This organization, based in Stamford Connecticut, USA, will provide medical supplies, drugs and equipment for public health facilities in St. Lucia.

St. Jude Hospital will receive, store and distribute these supplies to the public health facilities, including thirty-three (33) health centers.

SJH has worked closely over the past eighteen months with Ms. Catherine Sealys, Mrs. Petra Nelson, Ms. Laura Jn Pierre and Ms. Leola St. Claire of Women in Action (WIA) to build this partnership and secure this gift in kind donation.

Shipment of the donated medical supplies was made possible through the support of the Prime Minister’s office which facilitated an exemption from VAT duties for their importation.

AmeriCares has worked with WIA and St. Jude Hospital to design a system of accountability and reporting for the expected donation.

A test shipment is expected to arrive on the island by October, 2015. AmeriCares will provide and ship additional supplies every eighteen (18) months to St. Jude Hospital.

St Jude Hospital is pleased to partner with AmeriCares and envisions that with this donation we will be able to provide better healthcare to our citizens who require additional assistance.

We wish to thank AmeriCares for this generous donation, Women in Action for bringing our two organizations together and the Prime Minister, Hon. Dr. Kenny D. Anthony for his assistance in facilitating the importation of these supplies as we work together for the continued improvement of our healthcare system.


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