St Jude Hospital launches fundraising pageant

St Jude Hospital launches fundraising pageant

(PRESS RELEASE) – The Phillip Marcellin Grounds in Vieux Fort will come alive on Saturday December 16, 2017 when St Jude Hospital hosts the Miss St Jude Hospital Pageant.

The pageant is an activity geared towards raising much-needed funds for St Jude Hospital, the main healthcare provider in the south of St Lucia.

Six talented young professional women will compete for the title of Miss St Jude Hospital 2017. They will compete in six categories, namely, Introduction, Creative Wear, Sports Wear, Talent, Evening Wear and Promotional Speech.

The contestants are:

Shaniel Gabriel, Miss Radiology

Mala Auguste, Miss Outpatient Department

Estherline Augustine, Miss Emergency Room

Sinetta Vigee, Miss Renal Unit

Dania Martelly, Miss Medical Services

Tracy Harrow, Miss Business Officer

With this effort, St Jude Hospital contributes to the entertainment of the people of the south to enhance their sense of happiness and well-being.

Tickets for the Miss St Jude Hospital pageant are available from St Jude Hospital employees and at the St Jude Hospital Business Office.


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  1. what irks me is that under the SLP and UWP administration the best public hospital in the country has come to nothing. and people in the south have paid with their lives. And I see red hypocrites matching and yellow people playing politics with the hospital.


  2. OK ladies! All together now! Straight line, bend over & skirts up. Ronnie's gonna use his thermometer to take your temperature.


  3. That's a shame! Not the pageant, the worsted money. With so much donation and money spent, that hospital should have been up and running already. Good luck ladies. Hope people come and support; if the haven't given up.


    • The politicians and major beneficiaries should also enter. Kenny would win. This is terrible the little citizens of st.lucia are helping and business have donated. People have given lots of their resources to help themselves and and de money M$118 has vanished. I don’t even mind if it was M$ 130. But
      1. Built wrong
      2. Another many million to be spent.
      3. No compleation date
      4. Possible demolition
      5. The stadium is falling apart.

      Do something quick stop marching and talking.


    • The pageant is to raise funds for the hospital which cares for sick people, not the building of the new hospital.


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