St. Jude Hospital gets x-ray machine

St. Jude Hospital gets x-ray machine

(PRESS RELEASE) — Patients at St. Jude Hospital are expected to benefit from an improvement of diagnostic imaging services following the handover of a floor-mounted x-ray machine.

Chairman of the St. Jude Board, Wayne Harrow, says he is confident that the equipment will allow the staff to provide cost-effective and high-quality diagnostic service to the people in the south of the island.

“Today we will commission an x-ray machine, top-of-the-line x-ray machine, best on island. We will be able right now to deliver to our people a higher quality of diagnostic service which will enable our doctors to diagnose situations and to dispense the right treatment to our people in the south. We also have the ultrasound machine which is installed in the ER department which will assist our ER doctors and nurses in again discharging a higher, better and quicker quality of service to the patients.”

Minister for Health and Wellness, Senator Mary Isaac, says she is extremely appreciative of the work undertaken by the staff of St. Jude Hospital despite the daily challenges.

“So, you at St. Jude Hospital you know of all the new initiatives, repairs and all the equipment you now have at your disposal that of course some of them needed repair, some of them have been lying around for years and these have been repaired and you will be able to utilize these. Now that will save you and the patients, the people that you serve, a lot of problems in terms of having to go down to Victoria Hospital, and we are all happy to hear of this news this morning.”

Supervisor of the Radiology Department at St. Jude Hospital, Shenelle St. Louis, expressed gratitude for the commissioning of the x-ray machine and gave assurance that they will put them to good use.

“As we remain in transit here at the Jon Odlum stadium, it became necessary to improve the capabilities of our x-ray services here and our equipment and the best suited equipment was the floor mounted unit and we would like to thank the government of Saint Lucia for this timely investment. We assure you that a lot of the services that we could not provide, we will be able to provide these services at St. Jude Hospital.”

The St. Jude Hospital remains committed to providing the best medical services to its patients.


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