St. Jude Hospital begins weekly religious service for patients, staff and visitors

St. Jude Hospital begins weekly religious service for patients, staff and visitors
St Jude Hospital church service.
St Jude Hospital church service.

(PRESS RELEASE) – Patients at St Jude Hospital were able to praise and worship today as the institution commenced weekly spiritual service for patients, staff and visitors.

Today’s service was led by Bishop Antoine Charles of the Victory Pentecostal Church in Vieux Fort.

Worship service will take place every Wednesday from 12:00PM in the East Wing lobby of the George Odlum Stadium. It will be conducted by a different denomination each week of the Roman Catholic, Pentecostal, Seventh Day Adventist or Evangelical churches.

The service is open to patients, families, visitors and employees of all faiths.

Spiritual counselling and support is also available upon request to patients who are due to undergo surgery. Patients can make individual arrangements to speak to their pastor or priest.

St Jude Hospital also ensures that patients receive their last rights from the religion of their choice.

This weekly worship service demonstrates the high value that St Jude Hospital places on the role that spirituality plays in the overall health and healing of our patients.

St Jude Hospital wishes to thank the Victory Pentecostal Church, the Vieux Fort Seventh Day Adventist Church, the Vieux Fort Evangelical Church and the Roman Catholic Church for availing themselves to this important initiative and supporting the spiritual care of our patients, staff, and visitors.

Monthly Service Schedule
1st Wednesday – Pentecostal Church
2nd Wednesday – Seventh Day Adventist
3rd Wednesday – Evangelical Church
4th Wednesday – Roman Catholic


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  1. One of the only positive News i've read here for a long time.


    Today very good and positive news that most of the Christian denominations
    have found a Formula for the Healing also of the Soul which, undoubtedly does
    wonders to the body - and Spirit. At a time such as this, get busy because the time
    is short. Your enemy the devil is busy looking all around to see who he can devour.


  2. This is such a good thing praised God people will be surely​ bless with God's word


  3. Well done ....God has all the answers we need but seek him..healing is not just physical..our spiritual healing is most important..I'm really pleased that this initiative has been put in place.....thank you


  4. Good thing, keep it up, we have too much hatred in the world and towards one another, people are not willing to read or hear the word of GOD and as stated in the Bible that men will turn away from sound doctrine but will turn to the doctrine of demons in the last days.


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