St. Jude Hospital technical audit submitted to government

St. Jude Hospital technical audit submitted to government
Minister Guy Joseph
Minister Guy Joseph

The almost $1 million St. Jude Hospital technical audit has been completed and presented to government.

Economic Development Minister Guy Joseph said having spoken to an engineer on the project, he was informed that the report was delivered to his ministry on Thursday.

The minister had said last year, that based on information from the preliminary report, things may be worst than expected.

“The technical audit is very revealing from the information we have received,” Joseph had stated.

And while he had promised to share the information with the public, to allow people to scrutinize the report, Joseph now says that this information will not be revealed.

“Even when I get the audit, it may not be appropriate to make any specific statements in relation to it, other than to let the people of Saint Lucia and the media know that the audit is available,” he explained.

However, the technical audit report will be sent shortly to the Office of the Attorney General and the Director of Finance.

Joseph said based on the advise from these two departments, his ministry will lead the charge in ensuring that contractors and firms are held accountable once they are implicated in the audit.

“It was not an audit designed to go after anybody. It is an audit designed to inform where we are and what has happened. And whatever the audit picks up and we know that we have to take action, the people of Saint Lucia can rest assure that we will take the appropriate action.”

Some $95 million has already been spent on the project, which should have cost some $50 million instead. The new administration claims that another $50 million may be required to finish the hospital.

Construction at St Jude was suspended in July 2016 to facilitate the technical audit.

The government said the Kenny Anthony administration only provided so-called completion dates because of political expediency and was fully aware that the hospital could not be completed anytime soon.

Citizens in communities from the South have been inconvenienced and do not have access to the minimum standard of health care because of several deficiencies at the makeshift hospital at the stadium in Vieux Fort.


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  1. A A who paying that million dollars ? I hope we ensure that Guy Joseph pays that out of his pocket.Do we know how many families 1 million dollars can sustain in a year? Please tell me that is a joke ,1 million on an audit?


  2. Clearly all the people responsible for this project are incompetent. If this is the way our government projects go, let's please give the contract to a foreign party.
    It's taken many many many years and cost millions of dollars. Please everyone that received money for this project you should be ashamed, Beacaus the only person you are fooling is the sick, needy, pregnant and dying. It's these projects that require the vat to be increased. Doesn't anyone have any pride for the country. I hope some of the workers or ministers family members are now suffering in the old stadium.

    Rember we are the people and all these problems we caused because of our foolishness.

    And what the as is a technical audit. Is it an avenue for some one to write a report on what is not there, and what's done wrong. Oh foolish virgins rick Wayne


  3. His sister is the building manager, so who pays her salary or is she a volunteer. This government needs to do a lot of auditing.


  4. Whilst we are on the subject of audit , I would like guy Joseph to tell the nation , who is the owner of that new three story building along the main road in Goodlands . And he better speak the truth.


  5. Rasta Man; I agree with you bro. $1 million???????????????????????????????????????????? Paid to an outside firm?


  6. Still- When will the respective non-partisan professional association speak up on this! MAPESL, ISSLU- you know yourselves. The entire public service did not have the expertise to have conducted this? I am for an audit on this mess but $1mil of my money- Guy you will have to answer some questions!


    • This guy is as shady as they come. I see he has a greater interest in the st.jude's project rather than the Owen King hospital project. Is it because there is thirty million dollars of more construction work to complete St Jude's ? We need to keep our eyes on this guy.


  7. I am eager to know the results of that technical audit, which was initiated by the UWP for a project started under the UWP government.


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