St. John to host fundraising activity

St. John to host fundraising activity

PRESS RELEASE – St. John St. Lucia is a self-funding charitable organization dedicated to helping people in sickness, distress, suffering or danger.

As Saint Lucia’s standard for excellence in first aid and CPR services, St John plays an integral role in our society offering innovative programs and products, ensuring Saint Lucians receive the best quality training and expertise.

We are in the process of revitalizing our organization in an effort to improve the level of service provided throughout the communities.

One of the activities we have embarked on that would assist in doing so is fundraising event dubbed BLINGO BINGO.

The upcoming fundraising event is scheduled to be held at Bay Gardens Inn on Saturday 01 November, 2014 from 8:00pm.

Tickets for the event will be sold at the St. John’s Headquarter, George the fifth park.

Please feel free to contact our Chief Commissioner Mr. Glenn Wilson at 284 -3369 or Staff Officer Heilda Athanase at 284 3703 if you require further information.


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