St. Georges University officials meet with Health Minister

St. Georges University officials meet with Health Minister

PRESS RELEASE – On Thursday October 30th, a delegation from St. Georges University in Grenada paid a courtesy call on Minister for Health, Wellness, Human Services and Gender Relation, Hon. Alvina Reynolds. Heading the delegation from St. Georges University, Dr. Denis Paul, Vice Provost for Institutional Advancement, revealed the purpose of their visit.

“We’re here visiting the Ministry of Health to look at health facilities in St. Lucia with a possibility of setting up programmes in which we might collaborate in the training of physicians for the region. We’re also looking at your Forensic Lab as a place where we might collaborate regionally in investigations, training people as well as procedures on samples of interest medically or legal investigations and so on,” he said.

Dr. Paul had high praise for the health system in St. Lucia.

“We’re generally very, very, much impressed by the health system here, the facilities, the investment that the government has made in improving the health system here in St. Lucia and we look forward to working with the government in providing opportunities for training for some of our students who come from all over the world.” he stated.

Minister Reynolds for her part noted that the team from St. Georges had there curiosity peaked by all what has been happening in the health sector in St. Lucia, the construction of a New National Hospital, the new St. Jude Hospital, the Forensic Lab and so on.

“The plan as you well know, very early we have had meetings with the team from UWI and looking to establish our hospital as a teaching hospital, both of our hospitals and off-course serving some of our institutions in the region as well.”

“And also, we have institutions here in St. Lucia where St. Lucian’s attend and also St. Georges who’s very interested to see whether it’s possible that St. Georges can have that collaboration and send some of their students to access some of the training right here in St. Lucia as hospitals will be designated as teaching hospitals.” the minister revealed.

The delegation from St. Georges also met with heads of departments from various health institutions on island. Dr. Donald Jungkind, Chairman of the Department of Microbiology at St. Georges University also delivered a lecture on Ebola at the Hunter J. Francois Library on Wednesday 29th October.


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  1. Wow! I wonder what are the odds of such a world renowned med. school like St Georges casting an eye on St Lucia's health care system and saying that they are impressed. I believe it may actually be that St Georges uni. is trying to cut cost hope nothing goes on under the table here. Min. Reynolds when I look at our health care system I see a mess. Also, I am in awe as to why this new hospital on the mellenium highway is taking so long to biuld. It looks like we will have it up in the next 100yrs if not 200yrs. There has been so much difficulty and what looks like a lot of fight down toward some of the local med. univ. we have stationed here. They struggle for the opportunity to do rotations and residency here, some started and were even stopped from continuing here. The unlucky med students would then need to endure financial difficulty or leave school altogether. Also, we have so many nurses trying to get out of st lucia to trinidad and other places because of lack of job provision in the paradox where we have an understaffing problem in our hospitals.Whats about the investigation into patient deaths at Victoria Hosp. claimed to be a priority, on national TV, by a high ranking senor officer at Victoria hosp.. I hope they are not thinking of our forensic lab either. I understand that sometimes we send specimen overseas for testing regarding criminal cases because our lab is not accredited. Remember hearing about that on news spin. Hence, without it there can be no recognition for students using the facility in that instance. Its hard to believe that in the 1930's or 40's St Lucia got the first X ray machine, appearing to be catching up with world stds for equiping a hosp. Now, if you don't want to die you need to leave St Lucia. I think I see a mess and I hope you think of the people, the children that die via poor med care etc.


    • The medical care system here is not the best but it is certainly not the worst. There is a lot to be desired. As you rightly said, too much time is being wasted upon the completion of these medical facilities. What's taking so long? Weren't funds disbursed for that very purpose? Is it done? What's up?


  2. can we seek to get some scholarships for our young people in return for using our health facilities for ther internship program?


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