S&S boosts Saint Lucia’s COVID-19 fight with $100,000 donation

S&S boosts Saint Lucia’s COVID-19 fight with $100,000 donation

(St. Lucia News Online) — S&S The Pricebusters joins a number of major companies in Saint Lucia that have pledged their support in the fight against the novel coronavirus COVID-19.

The company pledged EC$100,000 towards the National COVID-19 Response Telethon that was held on Sunday, April 12. The virtual event, which was held to support front-liners in the fight against the coronavirus in Saint Lucia, raised EC$2.5 million — and counting.

S&S said in a video message prior to the telethon: “We the Chugani family, owners of the S&S The Pricebusters, recognize during these challenging times the value and importance of all the persons who are willingly putting themselves at risk to help protect us all. We, therefore, would like to pledge $100,000 to help support the cause as we salute all our front-liners. please keep safe and let us all do our part in this fight against COVID-19. Thank you and God bless Saint Lucia.”

S&S, which reopened on Tuesday, April 14, received an outpouring of support from the public in response to the pledge.

“I don’t know if ya’ll have done it before but that’s the first time I ever hear ya’ll donate. Great job,” wrote one person.

“They do, many years now. They don’t have to tell us, but they do give back,” someone else said in response.

The company has been in operation for over 35 years.

Persons were also overly excited when the company announced their opening for April 14.

“Essential service right there,” one person said, adding, “I am sure they are full of stock of hand sanitizers, rubbing alcohol, cleaning supplies, tissue, paper towels, etc. But most important is the arts and crafts and games for kids. How you gonna close S&S with children at home? I see the lines being longer than Massy when they are reopened.”

“I’m gonna hug the S&S building so hard with all the staff in there when it’s open. I NEED MY EDGE CONTROL YO! BY MY HEAD DRY! The Sahara desert has nothing by my dry hair! And my favorite mug broke! I need one the same way!” another excited customer said.

According to the company, persons are required to wear a mask and maintain social distance in their stores located in the City of Castries (Micoud Street and Chisel Street) and in Bois D’Orange along the Castries-Gros Islet Highway.

S&S joins the Chreiki group of companies, Massy Stores SLU, Brice & Company, as some of the companies that have publicised their contribution to assist the government in the COVID-19 fight.

Businessman Maher Chreiki and his group of companies donated a total of EC$205,000 — $100,000 in cash and $105,000 for 10,000 masks for distribution to the public, 1,000 KN95 masks for use by the doctors and nurses of the hospitals and clinics, 100 blood-testing kits, and 50 temperature testing kits.

Massy Stores (SLU) Ltd. announced on its official Facebook page on Friday, April 3 that it had “proudly donated” US$100,000 for the purchase of five ventilators. The donation was made through the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS).

Brice & Company is the other company that also made a significant donation to Saint Lucia’s COVID-19 response: EC$100,000.

Chastanet said in a Facebook post that he is “very grateful to the local companies who are assisting in the battle against COVID-19”.


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