SRDF to improve service delivery at Sulphur Springs Park with new employee appointments

SRDF to improve service delivery at Sulphur Springs Park with new employee appointments

(PRESS RELEASE) – The Soufriere Foundation is pleased to announce the appointment of six (6) new employees to the position of Tour Guide at the Sulphur Springs Park.

As tour guides they will be responsible for providing guided tours and excursions, geographical, historical and scientific information on the Sulphur Springs Park to visitors.

On Friday December 1st, 2017, an induction program was held to introduce the new employees to management and staff of the organization as well as to get acquainted with their work environment.

Operations Manager, Mr. Franklin Solomon at a brief welcome ceremony to usher in the new employees said, “Let your performance be the reason why you earn the job. This organization is one which affords you all that you need in order to perform and that you perform in an excellent manner.”

Also present at the welcoming ceremony was the Human Resource Manager, Mr. Lester Cazaubon. He assured the new employees that there will be opportunities for growth and development. “As a tour guide you may serve different roles within that capacity and my admonition to you is to continually strive to offer excellent customer care and service. How you perform will determine your next step within the organization”, said Cazaubon.

Mr. Cazaubon also encouraged the new employees to uphold the image of the organization by acting in an ethical and professional manner when performing their duties.

The new employees officially commenced their duties on Monday December 4th, 2017.

The Soufriere Foundation is a not for profit organisation located in Soufriere. Its mandate is to undertake social, economic, cultural and other sustainable developments in the Soufriere region. The organization which was established in 1993 generates revenues from its operational sites: the Sulphur Springs Park, Gros Piton Nature Trail, Comfort Center, Soufriere jetties and 88.5 Soufriere FM.


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