SRDF: No access to black water pool after 8 p.m. due to theft and vandalism

SRDF: No access to black water pool after 8 p.m. due to theft and vandalism

(PRESS RELEASE VIA SNO) – For the past few months, the Sulphur Springs Park has been on the receiving end of vandalism and theft.

In an effort to mitigate these activities, the Soufriere Regional Development Foundation, (SRDF) has decided to curtail its services by shutting access to the black water pool effective immediately, after normal operations at 8:00pm.

The SRDF also wishes to inform the public that the opening hours for entry into the park will be extended. The date and time will be announced in a subsequent correspondence.

The organization would like to thank you for your continued patronage.

The Soufriere Foundation is a not for profit organisation located in Soufriere.

Its mandate is to undertake social, economic, cultural and other sustainable developments in the Soufriere region.

The organization which was established in 1993 generates revenues from its operational sites: the Sulphur Springs Park, Gros Piton Nature Trail, Comfort Center, Soufriere jetties and 88.5 Soufriere FM.


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  1. I knew this was coming, the last time I was there in the evening they stayed 1/2 an hour past closing time to ensure they received more money. It’s sad that they have given themselves the authority to limit our access to what is naturally ours. It’s our right and our heritage . Soufriere foundation needs to step back and let St. Lucians enjoy the Sulfur Springs when ever they wish.


  2. I dont understand why st lucia still has the practice of punishing the entire public for the actions of just a few!?!? Be more creative in your security operations - don't blame your failure on everyone else!


  3. you see damn shate them fellas doing now. why the hell yall doing this. now people cant even go for a late time bath for twelve in the night or after one in the morning cause of the shate yall doing. i dont know why they think what the doing is good a garcon


  4. Thats none sense... the sulphur springs is owned by st. Lucians, not by srdf. How dare yall deprive us access to our very own. For years now ee stlucians hv been enjoying late night sulphur baths. For some, night time is the only time ee get a chance to go over there due to our compacted day time schedule. I understand some lucians cross the line. But is that the best approach? Wouldnt it be better for us all if yall put a security down there to safe gaurd the property and our citizens??


  5. We always have to pay the price for a few useless people around, still have the slave mentality, destroying everything we have, same with the beaches, they come litter it steal sand and when the government give it to a white man to build a hotel we making noise, it's time we take charge of our own, the sulphur springs and all these beautiful attraction is ours , stop vandalizing and keeping the places nasty, so now we losing democracy, can't go to the sulphur springs when I feel like, have to worry about time. Thanks to you people still with the plantation attitude, someone must be at your backs and choose you'll life direction for you'll.


  6. Okay : All the training for SRDF officers. ... even firearm training ....when they intend to use the training given ...Daytime Only !!!
    Soooo ??? U mean to tell me locals can't take the late night shower or early morning shower ???
    S RDF I think yll just want persons to pay up ... That's just another to prevent locals from enjoying what's ours ....


    • I've been there for the early morning shower before and was greeted by a bunch of broken wine and beer bottles, and wait for it......a pile of s**t at the bottom of the steps. SMFH! Can you believe that? I instantly lost my desire for a sulphur bath and turned the f**k around right away. Lucians need to take more responsibility for our natural attractions. This is a place that I really love going to. That black water pool is so relaxing and this is what some people choose to do? Even used condoms you find just tossed away right next to the damn pool. It's embarrassing.


  7. I don’t think this is the right approach. You need to put measures in place to curb the vandalism and theft. By readjusting the opening hours you just confirmed the criminal won!!!! Don’t our smart university graduates who sit on those boards smarter than the criminals? Why not increase the rate after 8:00pm so you attract a more peaceful client? The additional funds will pay for a higher caliber of security officers , CCTV Coverage, proper lighting. The same applies for the carnival activities? Why do you want to shut down the parade because of a few trouble makers? The police can pick up the known troublemakers on some petty crime and keep them locked up for 72 hours release them after the carnival. My my who is paying me for my ideas??? I’m just being patriotic.


  8. We can never have nice things. What an embarrassment. What does anyone gain from vandalizing and stealing from the sulphur springs? The parents raising these kinds of creatures should be ashamed of themselves.


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