SRDF attacking crime against visitors in Soufriere

By Kingsley Emmanuel

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Jimmy Haynes

Jimmy Haynes

The Soufriere Regional Development Foundation (SRDF) is making a determined attempt to deal with crime against visitors in the community.

Executive director of the foundation, Jimmy Haynes, described the problem as “very serious and frustrating”. He said Soufriere largely depends on the foreign dollar and as a result should not tolerate such criminal activity.

Over the past two months, there have been six incidents of crime against visitors in the community which is of grave concern to the foundation.

According to Haynes, persons in the community know who the culprits are.

“We (community) know who are committing the crimes…We know who burglarised the yachts. We know who put a knife through the tire of a vehicle which a tourist rented. We know who robbed the Still Beach Resort. We know who robbed the gentleman at New Jerusalem, while he tried to defend his visitors…,” Haynes told this reporter in an interview.

Haynes said in order to deal with the problem, the foundation, which has a total of 160 employees, has increased its security personnel to 26 and has placed armed police guards at strategic locations on the beach and Sulphur Springs. He said that security personnel will be given ongoing training, adding that the number will soon be increased.

“We have just trained 27 wardens. We will be hiring between 10 to 11 more wardens soon,” Haynes said.

He added that the foundation will also be boosting up its detection capability by installing electrical cameras at all its sites.

According to Haynes, the police feel that publicising crime is not the best thing for the community, but he feels it’s the best approach.

“We will be speaking out against it….and bring like-minded individuals and organisations together to put forward a plan to deal with the problem,” Haynes said, adding that the situation can be managed.

He said crime in Soufriere has enraged residents, but if the situation is not kept alive by some sensation, the concerns of the public will quickly go away.

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  1. Very good Jimmy.

  2. Jimmy himself breaks the law, doesn't observe integrity in public life so what authority is he to speak against crime. Lead by example. Crime is crime, physical, embezzlement, etc are all injustice.

  3. These silly criminals do not realise that they are creating more damage then good.....robbing these people are not good for the country as we rely on the revenue and keeping people in jobs. If these criminals want to benefit from the tourist what better than to work for the tourist board, you'll get paid and receive tips....that way you'll make more money a week then robbing the tourist with what little they have on them which I'm sure would not last a few days. Useless, uneducated and ignorant fools. You guys are bringing your country down and making life harder for others

  4. Security organizations are the biggest employers today. Tourists have become scared to explore the island opting to remain on the cruise ships instead. Where are we heading ?

  5. Sometimes employing the culprits can make a huge difference. You use fish to catch fish simple ,too much of the unfruitful game .


  7. 24-hour surveillance is an imperative. We are daydreaming. We continue to daydream with all these miscreants making crime their way of making a living. We need noncontroversial evidence to get the full death penalty all for those involved and long-time jail time for those perpetrators.

    AmnestyInternational does not contribute anything to the foreign exchange needed to pay our import bills. Neither does the UK. Nor does the EU.

  8. If we know whom they are, then give the information to the police and let them do their jobs.

  9. Why would you advertise your strategy and allow your adversary to reduce the element of surprise? Criminals are no longer petty, rather they take what they do seriously and maybe we should as well. They research and plan. Only the stupid ones get caught. Let's think like them now.
    That's my two cents.

  10. Good job.


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