Spring Break in September?

Spring Break in September?

IMG_6253PRESS RELEASE – Spring Break is a period where college party goers in the U.S. and other parts of the world traditionally converge over a one week period at popular locations to party day and night in late April. Cancun, Mexico is possibly the most popular and famous city for this.

College students fly miles over from the U.S. to partake in these festivals and the fun is truly undeniable.

Red Ink events hosted the very first “Spring Bling” party under the title “September 2 Remember”. An event created to fill a void after the carnival season and one that creates an affordable party experience. Patrons got their taste of fun in the sun and entertainment by Evalucian band, the island’s best DJs, performing artiste and 30 beautiful Sofyerie Bikini models.

S2R is back again, breaking all the rules and bringing Spring Break to September. The event themed the Cancun Edition is all about limitless fun. Party goers can look forward to wearing their beach wear and enjoying a raving party atmosphere.

Patrons will see upgrades at all turns. 4 ways to drink; the Rum, Beer, Coconut water and Smoothie bars. 4 ways to party; Wet zone, Ultra-premium zone (v.i.p.), Bikini model contest, 4 of the island’s very best DJs (DJ Reds- team Red, Hollywood HP- team Green, Sir Lancealot- team Blue and DJ Yellow- team Yellow). Each Team would have a cast of Bikini models and artist performing throughout the event, keeping the crowd constantly entertained and engaged.

September 2 Remember will be hosted at Samaan’s Park, Saturday 26th September 2015. Early bird tickets ($25.00) will be on sale from Sept. 1st, Reg. tickets $35.00. Red Ink events would like to recognize the sponsors of last year’s event, Title Sponsor Smirnoff Ice, Piton Radler, Black & White Whiskey, El Dorado Rum, Campari, Sofyrie Promotions, Multigraphics & 2Nite magazine.

For more information email [email protected] or stay connected on Facebook event “September 2 Remember.”


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  1. REALLY WE EH EVEN HAVE SPRING.. AND WHAT VOID AFTER CARNIVAL SEASON...LOL anyways I wont comment but would like to concur with , Mercy, jah Boun, and Reality,.. thank you'll .. nuff respect to you'll comments. Often times we respond to negative post but I big you'll up .... Lucia is suffering identity crisis and the void of godliness before and after carnival season.. so organiser one person can fill that void...Jesus Christ.


  2. Lucians stop stealing things from America... It's time we have our own identity. That spring bling thing makes no sense especially since it's all the way in September and we do not have 4 seasons. I wish people would realize the paradise st Lucia is and stop copying or trying to live like americans. The name September to remember is just fine.. Even back to school would be fine. Soon I will hear we have winter break and Halloween/trick or treat... Damn shame!!


  3. Time people start putting their lives together. Time is short. The Most High is coming soon. There are signs all around us. Time to bury our noses in His truth instead of finding ways and means to cause people to sin even more.


  4. It is amazing how much money can be found for another fete. And as usual sex and rum sells . It is time we wake up in this nation .....redemption draweth nigh God will not lose
    a generation.


    • It seems as if the world is truly heading to destruction. Everything around us says sex or women; and where there is sex there are men. So the plan of the enemy is to get them whatever way he can and funny enough the majority of us can't see it. We say "oh I am free to live my life how I please" but then the consequences of our choices always come back to haunt us. Party on people, party on... the signs of impending doom is all around us!


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