Spotlight on Goodwill Ambassadors (Pt I): Contributions of philanthropist Kenny Peter Chitolie celebrated

Spotlight on Goodwill Ambassadors (Pt I): Contributions of philanthropist Kenny Peter Chitolie celebrated

(GIS) — As the Government of Saint Lucia embarks on the fight post COVID-19, the Department of Culture and Creative Industries continues its roll out of the Goodwill Ambassadors Programme. One of core principles of the programme is inclusiveness, for which the participants include Saint Lucians both at home and in the diaspora.

To leverage this important resource (our people) on the international stage are Saint Lucia’s Goodwill Ambassadors, who were named earlier this year by the Government of Saint Lucia.

In January, 2020 these individuals, who have brought even more critical acclaim and attention to Fair Helen through their various endeavours, were named by Senator, Hon. Fortuna Belrose, Minister with responsibility for Culture and Creative Industries.

“The Goodwill Ambassadors Program is a platform for these individuals who are very well placed, to create local and international awareness of our culture, arts, sports and the creative industries as a whole,” the Minister expressed.

On February 27, 2020, H.E. Governor General Sir Neville Cenac presided over an Investiture Ceremony for the Goodwill Ambassadors at Government House. Since then, the Goodwill Ambassadors have been in constant dialogue with the Government of Saint Lucia specifically the Department of Culture and Creative Industries as to their roles and how their influence can redound to the benefit of Saint Lucia.

Over the next few weeks, the Department of Culture and Creative industries will individually feature the Goodwill Ambassadors, highlighting their contributions to the programme.

Featured in this release is Businessman, Entrepreneur and Philanthropist Kenny Peter Chitolie who left Saint Lucia in 1972 for Canada, but took with him the spirit of community and industry. Described as a passionate individual when it comes to serving others, willing to help meet their needs and address their concerns, Mr. Chitolie has been consistent in his contribution to his homeland and the Saint Lucian and Caribbean community in Toronto – particularly in the areas of sports, social and community activities.

As a Goodwill Ambassador Mr. Chitolie has contributed towards Saint Lucia’s Health and Wellness sector in the following ways:

The donation of wheelchairs to the National Council of and for Persons with Disabilities.

Thus far fifteen electric wheelchairs have been donated and one 40-foot container with additional wheelchairs is scheduled to leave Canada for Saint Lucia, in early July 2020.

Facilitating the donation of food and medical supplies to the needy.

Sourcing donations of medical supplies from international agencies.

Saint Lucia’s other Goodwill Ambassadors are:

Jallim Eudovic – Arts

Taj Weekes – Music

Gordon “Commissioner” Williams – Music

Daren Sammy – Sports

Lavern Spencer – Sports

Leslie Ferdinand – Sports

Jermain Collin Defoe – Sports

David Williams – Academic

Joseph Marcel – Actor – Theatre and Film.

According to Minister Belrose, “The Saint Lucia Goodwill Ambassadors program is proposed as a tool to actualize the national cultural policy in a number of key areas and with the assistance of such renowned individuals, who have achieved international acclaim in various fields, I believe that we are on the right track in utilizing their individual talents as well as their immense network and knowledge to assist in the socio-economic transformation, that we desire, as we continue to build a new Saint Lucia that we can all be proud of,” Senator, Hon. Fortuna Belrose.


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