Sports Committee of Education to host mini volleyball workshop

Sports Committee of Education to host mini volleyball workshop

23a29a19-c098-4e24-b25d-0526603defc4PRESS RELEASE – The Sports Committee of education district 5 found it necessary to have a mini volleyball workshop for all physical education teachers in the district at the primary school level.

The workshop was held on Thursday April 28th at the Micoud mulitipurpose court. The ultimate goals of the workshop were:

  1. To allow PE teachers to gain the basic knowledge and skills for mini volleyball\
  2. To host a mini volleyball festival in district 5 in the next academic term.

The facilitators of the workshop were Physical education teachers from the district in the persons of Marhon James and Ellaisa Maquis. The workshop was for one day which was in the format of a morning session where the theoretical aspect was done and an afternoon session which dealt with the practical part. In education district 5 we are privileged to have a certified national volley coach in the person of Bernard President. With his expertise he along with the facilitators ensured that PE teachers gained sufficient knowledge which would be meaningful to all students.


District 5 sports committee would like to thank the district education officer, Mrs Gabriella St.Paul for her support in making this workshop possible. We would also like to thank Mr Terry Faisal for his input during the day.


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