Splash Island Water Park Saint Lucia officially opened!

Splash Island Water Park Saint Lucia officially opened!

park1 park2 park3 park4SLHTA NEWSLETTER – The Splash Island Water Park was launched on Friday 31st July 2015 in grand style at the Bay Gardens Beach Resort and Spa.

The water park, located on one of the most pristine beaches on the island of Saint Lucia, received much positive feedback from attendees at the launching ceremony.

The park is the brainchild of Mrs. Julianna Ward-Destang who conceived it in March of this year and worked feverishly to ensure the facility meets its official start date of 1st August 2015.

The facility offers a wide range of attractive pricing targeting hourly to full day uses. It is located next to the newly opened SeaGrapes Beach Bar at Bay Gardens Beach Resort and Spa.

SeaGrapes serves a variety of Caribbean and international snacks, sandwiches and main courses at lunch.

Kid friendly options include pop corn, cotton candy, hot dogs, hamburgers, fish tenders and fruit bowls are also available.


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  1. What an eyesore! It's just another notch in the belt for all of those short term thinking opportunists who want to chip away at the island's beautiful natural public resources just to make a few quick entertainment bucks. Look at the progress that's been made in the past 10 years or so--casinos, tacky shopping malls, imported white sand choking off the reef, chain fast food joints, timeshares at the base of the Pitons, etc. What's left after the island is turned into a big fat theme park?


    • Amen. Isn't it too bad that the money hungry people at Bay Gardens have to spoil the lovely beach and view across the bay to Pigeon Island. The water park would be much better suited for Coney Island or Disney World. We hope that it fails and then disappears from view!


  2. I'm certainly sure monies were invested in financing this water park perhaps a loan was taken, also lifeguards to be paid, therefore a fee must be charged.
    The only thing maybe it could be $20 per hour instead of $23, as was quoted in one of the comments, ( as the initial price)

    My question is how would these excited kids know when their hour is up.


  3. Life guards should be a regular feature on beaches, just as you have regular policing and emergency on land. People have never agitated for life guards on beaches because they know that it will come at a cost to the public. However in most developed countries it is incorporated into the protective and emergency services. The idea of controlling one part of our heritage and charging us under the disguise of providing life guides is outrageous. Thy may be just providing life guards because of the increase risk casued by the gadgets placed in the area.


    • If St Lucia , all beaches are public... Hotels hire security to keep the reefer peddlers away... It's a lovely Nation... We've been there 4 times... Plan on returning....


  4. Great idea however, I think it's a bit of a stretch to call it a water park. I am very disappointed that there is a price tag attached to it because it's using public space. If the owners wanted to include a price tag for use of the "water park" they should have located it on private property. We need to stop privatizing public property to fatten our already full pockets. Let the people have their beach.


  5. Well! I honestly think that this should not be placed here. The idea is a good one but should be set in another location! I would not want to be a guest at a hotel near a water park unless I am visiting with kids. As a frequent visitor to this hotel it is a turn off for me now.


  6. well,well,well Lucian don't really know what they want.Anything positive is never good for some LUCIANS


    • the salt water will sanitize it.   are beach chairs and sand sanitized ? No.  No need!!
      Looks like a lot of fun 🙂


      • If it were for free, these negative st lucians would not be complaining , you all like too much freeness pay up or keep your kids in your backyard


  7. Dear God, why would anyone put up this monstrosity up. It has now cheapens the entire area - not to mentioned the serenity of the ocean!!


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