Spike in burglaries prompts Forestiere residents to form watch group

Spike in burglaries prompts Forestiere residents to form watch group


Residents of Forestiere are making plans to form a watch group with the assistance of the Royal St. Lucia Police Force (RSLPF), following a series of burglaries over the past couple of months.

Forestiere Development Committee (FDC) Public Relations Officer Kelly Ann Gajadhar told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) that the decision was taken on Wednesday.

Gajadhar said the community has suffered greatly from the recent burglaries, explaining that residents now feels unsafe, after five burglaries occurred in one night.

Having realized that the need for serious intervention, the FDC reached out to the RSLPF for assistance and several officials from various departments within the Force agreed to meet with residents.

The meeting was held on Wednesday, January 7, 2016 at the Forestiere Methodist Combined School with the officers, community members and the development committee.

Two officers from the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) namely, Nile Trim and Eldin Antoine, and one from the Police Complaints Unit, Sergeant Shervon Matthew, were in attendance.

Gajadhar said the meeting was well attended and the parliamentary representative, Guy Joseph, was also in attendance. Residents were given safety tips and they looked at solutions to help curb the situation.

“Sergeant Matthew was the facilitator for the night and he came well prepared to address the issue and also to clarify any questions or information on laws that the community members had,” she said.

After several hours of discussions, it was agreed that a community watch team would be formed.

Sergeant Matthew, she said, agreed to get some further details from successful watch groups and liaise with the development committee, to successfully start the watch group in the coming weeks.

Gajadhar said members of the community expressed satisfaction with this move and the committee looks forward to working closely with RSLPF to help the community become a safer place.


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  1. Are there only women in Forestiere? The majority of the people in that picture are women and the men are hiding outside. Are there any real men up there?


  2. It is one guy in the community who does this and brings other people into the community to help him carry out his evil deeds. He was in hospital recently and the burglaries stopped. His mother came on TV crying for him saying is something someone did him when he was 14 years old. OH MAMA when he dies cry a lot because from his thievery you surviving. We Forestiere people are too cowardly and need to come out and do what we have to do.

    Also there are a few policemen in our community but they are basically invisible and one sets no good example. The police are also useless. They come and say unless you don't see the person in your house they cannot arrest. WTH!! We are in 2016, what about fingerprinting?

    They come with their little notebooks and take down what you say and then that's it. No fingerprints are taken. Should we blame the government? SURE!!! We need to do what we have to do!!! The time has come!! I hope they don't file a missing persons report when he disappears. HA HA.


    • Someone needs to x mate out! It is ridiculous, he is everywhere saying it's a particular person who had someone do this to him and the next time he goes to prison it will be for murder. He is going to kill a number of people in Forestiere. What will the police do, nothing! He is just going to continue his thing and nothing will be done for lack of evidence.


  3. Every community needs a group like that. Good Job Forestiere. Because the police force is not enough.


  4. Am all for this watch group and any thing to stop these useless thugs.know one its on here to give the support to the ppl whose life is at risk by these thiefs but say one of them is caught and action was taking on them you will hear and see all types of comments about how they shouldn't do the thiefs tht.I say extreme punishment is what need to happen with them to make and example.am not one who cry for them.###FULLSUPPORT##


  5. I hope this does not become another Thamo Eugene incident where a notorious criminal killed the poor lady innocently after having been arrested and released umpteen times for assaulting people for no reason at all. It's time we begin to nip the situation in the bud before it explodes into something regrettable. In my opinion, repeat offenders should be incarcerated for a lifetime after the third time. Case closed.


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