‘Spider’ to contest next general elections

‘Spider’ to contest next general elections
Lenard “Spider” Montoute

Two persons will be endorsed by United Workers Party (UWP) at the conclusion of its National Council meeting on Sunday, according to recent media reports.

Former Minister for Social Transformation and Public Service Lenard ‘Spider’ Montoute is among those to be endorsed by the party to contest the next general elections.

Members of the UWP Gros Islet branch have thrown their support behind the former minister as the candidate of their choice to contest the next elections.

Montoute had resigned from the Senate in December, 2014 to allow former trade unionist Mary Isaac to replace him.

The UWP member lost the Gros Islet seat in the last elections to Emma Hippolyte by a slim margin.

UWP is hoping to complete its full slate of candidates by the end of this month. The party has already endorsed several candidates, which includes its leader Allen Chastanet.


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  1. This is so ridiculous, spider should go and climb a wall and stay there, because every UWP will vote for Emma instead, not that the are voting Labour, they are voting Emma the candidate, spider is and should not be considered for anything, let him go and stay his 6 months at a time in the US, and come back to St.Lucia and wait out a bit and go again.

    Lucians up north do not want spider, UWP get it together, please note that is a seat that is going to SLP for Emma Hippyte.

    Say goodbye to the Grosislet constituency, and ran somewhere else if it's your pension you are looking for.


  2. UWP will not learn. The country needs individuals as representatives who have something useful to deliver to the proper functioning of the society to help it compete on the global stage.

    Stop presenting to the population such persons who have nothing to add to representation in the House other than the usual "Mr. Speaker, Mr. Speaker" know-how. Get rid of such darn DINOSAURS for Christ sake!

    This country cannot deal with the problem of globalization with plain air heads. For my part, I am sick and tired of these darn mediocre pension-seeking career shoot shaters.

    It is time to turn the page UWP. Down with the crap. If you want to replace SLP, give us a darn clean break!


  3. Good Choice!! The man worked the seat during his time. He deserves another opportunity to continue the good work he started. SPIDER ALL THE WAY!!


  4. Choops. I am dissappointed in my oarty.
    Theres no other suitable candidate to run Gros Islet?
    Frankly, Mr Montoutes time has passed. Please unserstand that I personally have so emphasiasm for hiim. Dann it this thing is starting so sound ridiculous!


  5. The flambeaus are tired of Spider, they want another person. Other persons have expressed their willingness, why are they holding that sit for this man?


  6. Good meat for auntie Emma.I think he want to qualify for the pension thats all,He missing a term. You check it.


  7. wow, everyone coming out of the dark to contest the next general elections. I have not heard from mr montoute for a year plus.


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