Speaker of the House resigns

Speaker of the House resigns
Speaker Leonne Theodore-John
Speaker Leonne Theodore-John

Speaker of the House of Assembly Leonne Theodore-John has resigned from the position effective March 1, 2018, according to reports.

Speculation about Theodore-John’s resignation or dismissal has been rife for weeks but the confirmation finally came today, Thursday, March 8 that she has left the post after serving almost two years.

The attorney-at-law is reportedly set to take up a new position within the country’s High Commission office in London at the end of this month.



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  1. Are we still without a deputy speaker ? If yes, that leaves us without a speaker in the House ? Now, " How will they find a replacement, when they couldn't find a deputy" ? The game is on. Inside job.


    • The Speaker of the House is by political appointment. It can be any [email protected] from the streets. However the Deputy Speaker must be an elected MP and that is the issue at hand. None of the elected MPs wants to fill the post.


  2. Why can't that very clever PM be up front with the people represents. The man lies and then tries to cover it with more lies. Really the one ministry he would have no trouble heading is the propaganda ministry.


  3. When it was brought to light by Frederick, Hurricane Allen and Cohorts vehemently denied and condemned the bearer of the news as false mongering. Here it is today.

    These people!!!! Boy oh boy!!


  4. Good deal... take it and run because this government does not care about laws or rules of the land or the house. They all concerned about continuing about SLP did it so we have to do it too.. nonsense, the youth is sick and tired and this crap.

    Plus the PM is speaking about youth crime but refuses to speak of white collar crime or having a corruption Act or passing the Freedom of Information Act.


  5. After all the denials, the truth has come to light. It troubles me that Allen, Nancy, Nicole, Guy and the rest must try to mislead on everything. Good governance relies on trust. How can we ever trust a government that lies about almost every thing?


  6. Are we now without a speaker? Seems to me this another dismal result of of the very bright ideas of the very bright PM. What a shame!


  7. Yes she resigned but only to take up a cushy job in London at our expense. This just keeps getting "better"!


  8. Its a win-win situation, PM chastanet get a new Speaker who will bow to his whims. And the former speaker gets a plush job for all the stress she had to endure.


  9. Okay....mWell she seeking,bigger thing's...I wish her all the best in her endeavors.....For the short time,i enjoyed her service to the Government of St.Lucia....Good luck and Great success to Ms Leonne- Theodore John...God bless you....


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