Speak Out St. Lucia supports Sex Offender Registry announcement

Speak Out St. Lucia supports Sex Offender Registry announcement

(PRESS RELEASE) – Speak Out St. Lucia (S.O.S.) is pleased with Prime Minister Allen Chastanet’s announcement yesterday at his pre-Cabinet briefing, about his government’s decision to move forward with the implementation of a Sex Offender Registry in Saint Lucia.

Many individuals and groups, over the years, have highlighted the numerous cases of rape and child sexual abuse which have caused grave concern and alarm.

In the past years this situation has been highlighted even further with the use of social media which has resulted in an acute sensitization of the population which has led to the coming forward of many victims.

This statement by Prime Minister Allen Chastanet also follows on the heels of the recently held Symposium on Crime spearheaded by Minister of National Security and Leader of the Opposition Philip J. Pierre.

Speak Out St. Lucia encourages the Prime Minister and Government of Saint Lucia to move forward in implementing the registry which we believe is a critical tool in the arsenal of fighting these serious crimes in Saint Lucia.

S.O.S. is also pleased to note that just five days ago, on November 30, 2017, Prime Minister of Grenada Keith Mitchell announced that his government will also implement a Sex Offender Registry.

In March of 2016, Speak Out St. Lucia called for a national strategy on crime, with “collaboration between key sector agencies; psychological and counseling services to victims; public sensitization; protection for victims and witnesses; and the need for the creation of a safe and confidential environment where victims as well as non-victims feel safe to report these crimes.”

SOS urges Prime Minister Allen Chastanet and his government to move forward with urgency in the implementation of the sex offender registry and other recommendations following the recently held Symposium on Crime held on Friday November 24, 2017.


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  1. I am happy to hear someone talking about such a list. The public has been demanding one for the longest while. It is very necessary.


  2. Besides there should be already a sex offenders registry in the records of the police for convicted persons. All they have to do is pull it up. St. Lucia is too small and polarized to promote the marginalization of another set of people.


  3. In what form will that Registry be? I hope that SOS also listened to the PM attentively where he presumed that it would be in the form of a list use by law enforcement. If it is to be used exclusively by law enforcement for their own intelligence then its good (just like the alleged "hit list"). However there are implications for divulging such sensitive information in the public domain. I hate to say that you were warned before.


  4. Good first step once it gets implemented. The next step is to address "wajema" and the people who can afford to pay to avoid conviction as a sex offender. Remember, if a sex offender is not convicted or worse yet not caught, the public will never know that this person is a sex offender. This goes for both women and men.


  5. i think this sex offender registry is good and they should do it . i remember this guy who created this company called zandoli wanted this to be done but am not sure what happen but to me it was apposed. my question about the registry is what really would be its purpose? is it just to record people names and pictures of those who have committed these offences and then anyone can access this info of a particular offender? if so then what next? can some one enlighten me of the true purpose of it?


    • Say a particular crime happened (sexual assault,rape,molestation) in Babonneau. Any sex offenders whom reside in that district is to be rounded up and questioned. Should a registered sex offender want to apply for a job in the education system, it wont happen for obvious reasons. Just a few examples.


  6. Ummmm. Good initiative but in the spectators section I can only smile at the naive Speak Out St. Lucia. In desperate time PR, rhetoric and political correctness always leads.

    I'll wager Speak Out St. Lucia that by around this time next year December 2018 the registry will still be making the rounds for discussion!


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