Speak Out St. Lucia calls for national outrage and a demand for meaningful action in rape of 12-y-o

Speak Out St. Lucia calls for national outrage and a demand for meaningful action in rape of 12-y-o

pregnant_woman_1PRESS RELEASE – Speak Out St. Lucia (S.O.S.) is saddened by reports of the rape of a 12 year old girl who has now been discovered to be three months pregnant.

Yet again we are confronted with another case of rape in Saint Lucia which has shaken our island to the core. We can no longer be timid in dealing with these acts of rape and sexual abuse perpetrated on the women and children in Saint Lucia.

Although ordinary citizens continue to be vocal and outraged about these horrific crimes, there continues to be an almost deafening silence from our elected representatives. We find other leaders in our society practically voiceless when our people need some direction and conclusive action to combat this scourge which we all agree is of epidemic proportions.

Our politicians harp and trade accusations on a daily basis about IMPACS, C.I.P., VAT, and other important issues, yet we fail to witness the same priority and zeal in attacking rape and sexual

abuse in Saint Lucia. The neglect of our people, the human resource, will result in even greater problems into the future.

In June 2016, the Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) on page 44 of their elections manifesto pledged to implement a Sex Offender Registry and to tackle sexual assault and rape. This was a clear indication that the SLP recognized the critical nature of these crimes and how they have affected our island for decades, and although being the Opposition in the House of Parliament, its elected members, representatives of the people, continue to be mum about these rapes which have shocked the nation.

Where is the government’s resolve to handle this crisis? We continue to hear the same platitudes and intentions to implement measures, yet the outrage of the people does not seem to be mirrored by the actions of our representatives from both sides of the aisle. We must have a concerted joint effort, government and opposition, as these crimes are not perpetrated based on political affiliation.

This epidemic has reached a point where decisive action must be taken! Speak Out St. Lucia continues to call for a national strategy in combating this epidemic of rape and sexual abuse.

S.O.S. urges all Saint Lucians to call their elected Member of Parliament and demand action. S.O.S. continues to be alarmed by the long term problems which will challenge Saint Lucia well into the future caused by the psychological, familial, health, crime, and cost of services needed to deal with the repercussions of a broken society.


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  1. This is a sad situation...who did it, why, where and how did that happen??...we cannot blame the Government for every crimminal activity, done by the monsters in society...It is evident our country is on a moral decline...We must turn to God who is the foundation of morality.....It is time for Society to give thwmselves fully to the Lord.


  2. Oh boy, here comes the politico's blaming a young government 4 months
    old. I would like to call your comments, THE RAPE OF A GOVERNMENT.
    Why don't you'll just look in the mirror before making these ridiculous
    comments; One starts by saying " While the P.M. is busy traveling------"
    a well noted SLP buzz. If you want to talk about that primitive behavior
    of yours, going back before the time of the internet, then lets talk.
    What some of you are saying is, the P.M. should camp inside his office only
    to listen to your vicious gossiping, and who screw who? shame on you.
    Why don't you grow up. Times have changed, the world is not the same
    time to creep out from under the rock where you live; the P.M. of today
    must travel to find investors for St.Lucia and not to sit on his ass in an
    office waiting for Manna from above. To satisfy your little mind about
    your favorite subject, go talk to two of your buddies in your Party about
    such filth, that's where you may find fertile soil, and I mean soil.


  3. I always knew that Sarah Flood was in the politics, this time around , for her own interests. Wasn't she the person whilst serving in Parliament as an SLP referring to her colleagues as murders, during the debate on the abortion bill? Today she is quite on child rape. Today she has the ministry she always wanted so she can see the world and experience the good life, what the hell. That does not excuse fortuna and Gail for keeping quiet on the matter. They are the only three women in Parliament and their voices should be heard across the four corners of this land.




  5. LOOK HERE, SAINT LUCIA HAVE HUGE SOCIAL PROBLEMS, HUGE !! I just don't understand this place, so backward. The authorities refuse to enforce the law and put law and order in place. All these rapes and molestation going on here has been going on for years. PEOPLE TURN A BLIND EYE. SMH

    The place is so backward you read about people trying to undermine security at the prison by throwing contraband over the fence ever so often. In other places you wouldn't even dream of doing that. HUGE SOCIAL PROBLEMS BABY !!

    They think development is big building and nice roads nope, FALSE !! Your country is dying for enlightenment. !!


  6. This is a very true statement about our government...........horrific crimes against women and children continue to occur AND no minister nor prime minister says or does anything........... I don't want to hear about no damn horse race track!


  7. While the PM is busy travelling doing God knows what, the country needs much needed attention at this very moment. I thought i was the only one thinking about our representatives. I haven't heard not one mention or talk about this important issue. What are our leaders doing? Why aren't they voicing? The SLP was very concerned about the current rape cases/impregnating of under aged kids. Why isn't the present government saying anything. Make our country a better place instead of making it go 10 steps back!!!!!


    • The minister is the one who should be speaking about it. What does traveling have anything to do with it. These SLP idiots never stop.

      What about the girl's parents?????????????????? Does she have a mother and father??????????? So what are you talking about???? The girl is 12 years. I am sure she is not a dummy so why wait until you are 3 months pregnant to speak out?????

      Apparently the girl liked it but in all accounts it is wrong because she is under age.


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