Spanish training for maritime sector

Spanish training for maritime sector

The Ministry of Tourism, Heritage and Creative Industries in collaboration with the Argentinean Ministry of Tourism has organised an intensive Spanish training programme for persons employed within the maritime sector.

The programme comes on the heels of a visit to Argentina by Maritime Consultant Cuthbert Didier where talks were held regarding an international bilateral cooperation project between Argentina and Saint Lucia, with specific reference to the development of nautical tourism in Saint Lucia.

The main purpose of the training programme is to better equip persons within the maritime sector with the necessary language skills to communicate with and better facilitate yachtsmen and women from Latin American destinations. The three member delegation headed by Silvina Estevez will be providing participants with training ranging from basic Spanish salutations to dialogue specific to their line of work.

The delegation is also expected to meet with Director of Tourism Louis Lewis and Didier to further discuss Argentina’s relationship with Saint Lucia with respect to the maritime sector and also translating key promotional and marketing material form English to Spanish.

The Ministry of Tourism, Heritage and Creative Industries welcomes this initiative and recognises its importance in ensuring that employees within the tourism sector are provided with the requisite training which will enable them to effectively execute their responsibilities.

Participating organizations are:

• Soufriere Marine Management Authority
• IGY Rodney Bay Marina
• The Marina at Marigot Bay
• Monroe College
• Saint Lucia Air & Sea Ports Authority
• Marigot Bay Taxi Association
• Ministry of Tourism, Heritage and Creative Industries
• Immigration Department
• Saint Lucia Tourist Board Information Centres (Hewanorra Airport, GFL Charles Airport, Duty Free Point Seraphine, La Place Carenage).


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  1. Waste of time and money. Argentina has problems with
    foreign Exchange. Mr. Didier had to leave his. position as manager of Marina when IGY took over.


    • training ppl in a foreign language could never be a waste of time. It doesn't matter what there foreign exchange is because Argentina isn't the only place that speaks spanish!


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