Spanish President to visit Cuba next November

Spanish President to visit Cuba next November

(PRESS RELEASE) – Pedro Sanchez, President of the Spanish Government, will make an Official Visit to Cuba on November 22 and 23, confirmed today the international media.

The Cubadebate website states that President Sánchez’s trip was agreed at the meeting held in New York on September 25 with Miguel Díaz-Canel, President of Cuba’s Councils of State and Ministers, during their participation in the UN General Assembly, according to EFE news agency. The President’s visit will be the first official visit to the Caribbean nation by a Head of the Spanish Executive since 1986, according to El País, when his political colleague, President Felipe González, came to the island.

“The fact that a Spanish President hasn’t been there in 30 years when our companies are there shows that politics is behind reality,” President Sánchez said at a forum organized on Sept. 27 to mark his presence in New York. “What we are going to do with this official visit is to normalize those relations that traditionally we already had in many sectors,” added the President of the Spanish Government, before confessing emotionally at this trip. It will mean “giving normality” in politics to the traditional links that Spain and Cuba have in the economic, social and cultural spheres, he stressed at the time.


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