Governor General: Sowing the seeds of opportunity

Governor General: Sowing the seeds of opportunity
Dame Pearlette Louisy. * Source: Getty Images
Dame Pearlette Louisy. * Source: Getty Images

Governor General Dame Pearlette Louisy has issued a clarion call to all Saint Lucians to “share in the responsibility of planting and caring if we are to share in the victory of reaping”.

In the Throne Speech delivered at the House of Assembly on Tuesday, April 23, 2013, Louisy encouraged citizens to join in the national tree-planting effort.

“There are many more trees to be planted. You must plant them. For in every way, symbolically and literally, we must protect our island, conserve and honour our land. At this time we want everything instantly, and yet trees remind us that not all things are instant. Mythical seeds with overnight beanstalks do not yet exist. Good things take time. They take nurturing, they take patience. In planting a national tree, the same too can be said,” she remarked.

The governor general stressed the importance of working in unison “to find our Saint Lucian identity, to define our Saint Lucian willpower and tenacity, and navigate the difficult period we currently face”.

She stated: “We must have a common goal for, like a body, all parts must work in consonance to amplify the greatest output. We must share our vision and see the same pathways, whether we are at the top or at the bottom, on the sides or in the centre. We must be humble, admit failings and recognise mistakes, provided that we learn from them. We must empower our people to be leaders, to be part of decision making, to share the gifts, talents and skills for the greater good.

“We must celebrate achievements and great performances. We should certainly do this for our heroes while they are in the realm of the living. We should support each other during difficult times so that we can all succeed, including those who are weaker, more vulnerable than us. In troubled times, those who can sacrifice more, should do so without expectation of reward. And finally, we should not stray from our values and our sense of purpose.”

Her Excellency concluded by echoing the need to plant the seeds of change today so that our children might reap the fruits of a bountiful heritage in the years to come.




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