Southern minibus drivers gear up to replace NCOPT and Combined Investment executives

Southern minibus drivers gear up to replace NCOPT and Combined Investment executives

(SNO) — There is a desperate move to get rid of the executive of the National Council on Public Transportation (NCOPT) and the Board of Directors of Combined Investment, and replace them with an interim committee.

The move has begun in the southern part of the island where minibus drivers have openly expressed profound disappointment with the manner in which their affairs are being managed by both entities.

NCOPT is the parent company of Combined Investment, which sells tyres to minibus drivers at a reasonable price.

According to the man who is spearheading the move, Peter Richard, president of the Mon Repos Minibus Drivers Association, he is getting massive support from minibus drivers around the island.

He said he has already identified individuals to serve on the interim committee, adding that when it is formally installed it will give the current executive of NCOPT and the board of directors of Combined Investment 14 days to resign. He added that when the interim committee is installed there will be some “serious investigations” into the operations of NCOPT and Combined Investment.

“The executive of NCOPT and the board of directors of Combined Investment are doing a terrible job, so we have no choice but to get them out….The situation has reached a point where we just can’t tolerate their nonsense any longer,” Richard said.

“Even minibus associations who are not associated with NCOPT are willing to join us to get rid of them…,” he added.

Richard lamented that the management of the two entities have no respect for minibus drivers, and are doing things without consulting them.

According to Richard, NCOPT established a business, Combined Investment, in which minibus drivers invested thousands of dollars which went to waste.

All the minibus drivers in the south of the island who this reporter has spoken to have confirmed what Richard said.

According to the disgruntled minibus drivers, for the past three years Combined Investment has not held a shareholders’ meeting.

A few weeks ago, the Laborie Minibus Drivers Association revealed that it will be hauling NCOPT to court for matters relating to transparency and accountability as it relates to the operations of Combined Investment.

A number of minibus associations around the island say they support the decision taken by the Laborie Minibus Drivers Association.

Emmanuel Charlemagne, president of the Choiseul Minibus Drivers Association, said he supports the move to get rid of the executive members of NCOPT and the board of directors of Combined Investment.

He however added that he is not too sure minibus drivers in the north of the island will fully embrace such a move.
Another minibus driver in the south described the executive of NCOPT and the board of directors of Combined Investment as a waste of time.

A meeting with all the executive members of the various minibus associations around the island is slated for the 23rd of this month at the Dennery Primary School to further discuss their concerns.


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  1. Sad to see a president who cannot manage an association of less than 15 members in the case of Mon Repos president but wants to manage the NCOPT destabilizing the transport sector and inject political feelings to chaos and confusion to the sector


  2. It's very interesting who appointments directors to serve on combined investments board is NCOPT Eric and his crew elected their friends and now he wants to pass blame on NCOPT time will tell


  3. Black people fighting amongst themselves. Can't even pool their resources for the betterment of all. And we wonder why we are the poorest race of people in the world.

    If black people read more they would be able to better understand how to resolve a situation and perhaps a few could rise to lead these organised efforts.

    It seems like this mudslinging takes place in every social group in our society because we lack the political intellect to understand how a situation would play out and resolve its problems before they boil over.


    • Zeigy, you appear to be the one who really needs to read. Your stupid attack on black people makes absolutely no sense. People of all races and ethnic groups fight and find themselves in opposition to each other. It is always possible that two human beings will view things from different perspectives and that sometimes lead to conflict. So your ill-informed, dilutional assertion that it is a black thing makes you appear very stupid to say the least. It is either that or you need to learn to control your misdirected impulse to say or write something.


      • Listen buddy, it's far more pervasive among black people than other races. And it's killing us as a race. Stop defending our failings. Three millennia of forming the ass, and we about to become the world's factory in Africa, replacing China.

        When the white people were oppressed and beaten badly by a race of barbarians they didn't stay their and blame the other race for making them suffer. They took criticism, licked their wounds, bided their time and created a civilization that has dominated ever since. I'm referring to when Rome was a city state and over run by the Gauls. They turned the tables and Rome became the greatest civilization.

        All while Africa was forming the ass.

        And you need to take the personal attacks out of your argument because it takes the wind out of what you are saying and puts the focus on the same mudslinging that makes us fight each other instead of discussing actual solutions.


    • Corruption is the order of the day when no one is held accountable. And no one is held accountable in this country for anything.


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