Southern Flying Fish Swim Club raising the bar in the south

Southern Flying Fish Swim Club raising the bar in the south

86b5315d-68e4-4cfa-8051-bf48c7f94a81PRESS RELEASE – The SOUTHERN FLYING FISH (SFF) is a swim club hailing from the south of the island. This year marks 10 years since the establishment of the club.

And it continues to develop swimming in the South of the island as a critical life skill and sport for the youth. The membership ranges from toddlers who are learning to swim to some of the most elite competitive swimmers on the island.


As the club continues to fulfill its mandate to cultivate swimmers in the south, the SFF successfully held its 2015 Awards Ceremony on December 12, 2015 at Coconut Bay Beach Resort and Spa. The achievements of the 70 active swimmers of the club throughout the year were recognized and celebrated. Amongst the swimmers recognized were:

  • For Attendance: Anyka Holder, Kaitlyn Holder, Kyle Ambrose, Yolande Ambrose
  • Most Improved Swimmer: Fayth Jeffrey, Krishna Surapaneni, Lenisha Mathurin, Jania Prince
  • Best Breaststroke: Yolande Ambrose,
  • Best Butterfly: Lenisha Mathurin
  • Best Free Style: Tracey Moyston
  • Best Backstroke: Tracey Moyston
  • Overall Male: Kyle Ambrose:
  • Overall Female : Tracey Moyston


Recognition of the major sponsors, Coconut Bay Beach Resort and Spa and True Value Building and Hardware Supplies Ltd. Was also paramount on the agenda.

Coaches, executive, parents and swimmers recognized the invaluable contribution of both sponsors through the use of their company resources and pools to not just the development of the club, but that of swimming in the South of the island, in the absence of a public pool facility.

The ceremony was also used to facilitate a small food drive. This was In an effort to continue fostering community spirit amongst the club members. The food collected through the overwhelming support of members was used to prepare a hamper for the elderly residing at Comfort Bay, in blackbay. This hamper was distributed by some members in a small ceremony on Saturday 16th January.

The Club has made a commitment to continue striving for excellence throughout 2016.


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