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South Castries Youth and Sports Council condemns the sex video involving school children

By South Castries Youth and Sports Council

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(PRESS RELEASE) – On the weekend of January 12th, 2018 a video was posted to social media depicting school children engaging in sexual acts.

In the video, a young man appeared to be assaulting a young lady dressed in secondary school attire while prompting her to open her mouth to perform “fellatio”. The video was recorded by a third party, and someone else was attempting to touch the young lady’s private parts. It is unclear exactly how many young people were present at the time of the recording, but there appeared to be more than three other persons.

The South Castries Youth and Sports Council would like to state unequivocally that we do not condone such behavior. We are even more disturbed at the fact that these acts are being committed by individuals appearing to be young people of secondary school age. We are calling on young people to be more responsible with their behavior.

What the video depicted was not only unethical but criminal, and it is of utmost importance that young people understand, that participating in criminal behavior at such a youthful age, sets the foundation for a career behind prison walls. Those individuals who record and promulgate these videos for amusement and sport, should be cognizant of the fact, that they are also part of the problem.

We do not condone abuse of any kind especially when it involves young people attending schools in our district. We know that matters involving young people can be delicate, but we are appealing to the Vulnerable Persons Unit, the counselors from this educational district to render justice and psychological help quickly in this matter, and is urging the members of the public to be more sensitive to the children involved and their parents, and cease from continuing to share this video on Social media. Let’s all do our part to help save our young people.

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  1. The video is full on rape.

  2. These young children were born into the era of a technological boom, and they know how to use the devices that comes along with it. I believe that education and policy markers needs to do more in addressing the evils associated with technology at a school level.

    I remember some time ago in 2015, i was invited to a very informative and moving session on the ills of social media and technology for young people at the Soufriere Access Centre. This session had an impact on every one in attendance, it addressed a number of issues surrounding the use of technology and how students and young adults can stay safe . I recalled a video was shown illustrating how a young lady sent nude photos of her self for a male friend and the outcome was tragic (students were particularly touched by this video because they realised how easily one's life can be destroyed with the click of a button.)

    Education should adopt a project similar to the one mentioned above because these situations has lasting effects on the students involved and if we can educate them, then they might be able to protect themselves.

  3. Maybe if they criticize Assou Square they will get arrested.

    • where is that coming in you stupid lazy puppet (SLP)HACK
      God forbit it dont happen to your daughter if you have one
      maybe just maybe its your son doing the abusing

  4. I have hard men saying the rapist deserved death.

  5. I quite agree with you'll. But I an getting very fed up of schools closing any time for teachers to attend to one thing or the other and working parents having to find somewhere to put their children. This ia becoming very drusyrating and we need to talk against it. Some children May have to be left unsupervised or in situations where the supervision is not the best

    • aa just so so is in the school you want to keep your child
      when school closes where do you keep them
      i guess you send them off to some workshop that is being help
      take your time and supervise your child
      dont teachers need to have meetings ,refresher courses ,seminars and workshop
      then you will say the teachers are not good they dont know their work when your child fails
      take up your responsibility

  6. They are not being held responsible. So this behavior will continue. No punishment nothing

  7. Even adults share these things. What example do we set

  8. Who or what is the South Castries Youth Council ??. One is led to believe that their level of outrage was of pertinece over everybody else. Everyone is outraged And condem such action in the highest form OK.


    The castries south your and sports council. Remember the Saint Lucia equine society which suddenly sprung up after the announcement of the DHS? Or the Saint Lucia Chinese Association during the controversy over changing relations to Taiwan? The labour party just cant help itself!

  10. What I don't understand is police xan arrest a man fir using profanity in a video but can't arrest a young man clearly assaulting this young girl.

  11. In addition. the police needs to be proactive in investigating and pursuing such incidents. clearly they have the capability of tracking down individuals who post videos online with great ease, when motivated to do so.

  12. Have they arrested the young man yet? He basically confessed on Facebook. Pick him up!

  13. yall young people must learn. you think yall will not learn lool. i heard the guy calloting the girl is being questioned based on his manhood and his response was "i love shrimp"

  14. ... whether she agreed to participate or not... it's just messed up, sad! Let's continue to pray for the future generation and never give up on them! .. smh!

  15. Fellow Youth Advocate

    Absolutely Agreed.Save our Youth. I think its time to censor internet from POrn Sites.


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