SOURCES: Stabbing victim now able to walk and talk, concerned alleged attacker on bail

SOURCES: Stabbing victim now able to walk and talk, concerned alleged attacker on bail

A young mother of one who was stabbed about 20 times and left for dead near the Vigie cemetery on Oct. 16, 2015, is now recovering well, according to sources at Victoria Hospital.

Mc Lana Bernard, 24, of Agard, Morne Du Don, Castries was initially listed as critical but in stable condition following the incident. However, medical sources have told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) that the Sea Island Cotton Shop employee is “partially out of the woods”.

bissetteAccording to the sources, Bernard is now talking and able to walk short distances. If progress continues, she will be discharged within several days or weeks.

A relative told SNO that Bernard, a mother of a two-year-old son, not only remembers how the entire ordeal unfolded that tragic night but is concerned that her alleged attacker is out on bail.

A 30-year-old man, Dane Bissette, was granted $5,000 bail when he made his first court appearance on Wednesday, Oct. 21. He has been charged with attempted murder.


Bissette, who is reported to be Bernard’s ex-boyfriend, was represented by Attorney-at-Law Alberton Richelieu and is set to make another court appearance on November 16, 2015.



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  1. Bail is really cheappppppppppppppppppp in St.Lucia for an attempted Murder case..My God... That's a big SHAMEEEE..........Seems the criminals have a list of lawyers and charges listed to choose from. Theft..bail 2000 Canabis possession 2000 murder 5000 attempted murder 5000

    Havesting sea turtles....25000 or imprisionment for 12 months....LMFAO.


  2. The courts want that woman dead.....5000 bail for attempted murder....smfh.....well he out he will go finish the job.....I tell you that only happens in st Lucia


  3. Now how does the child cope with this situation where his father tried to kill his mother in such a brutal manner?
    Will he ever forgive his father?
    Since parenting is a shared responsibility why should the father want to permanently take his child's mother out of the equation?


  4. i tink some guys are lucky with who they mess with,cause if it was my sister dread is either u leave lucia or you hide for the rest of your life.that kind of bullshit need to stop,5 grand bail,f-- rediculous.


  5. So that's the value of a woman's life in St Lucia today? 5,000 EC dollars? Nothing much changed since abolition of slavery.


  6. God doesn't sleep. He knows why he kept you through this ordeal Mclana. I pray the Lord gives you the strength to testify against this man and not fear him. His heart is wicked and he shall not get away with this. No matter how much his bail is. God doesn't sleep!


  7. The problem is that our laws allow the judges to use their discretion on criminal matters. Its high time we have mandatory punishment for criminals especially attempted murder, murder and rape. Until then you can always buy a judge or play on his mind.


  8. Believe me young lady, you will get justice. This guy better watch himself. You stab up a woman like that, nothing but a coward. What goes around, comes back around.


  9. wish you full recovery Ms. Bernard. Still not sure how pretty young women like you get tied up with those thugs! Do you have brothers, male cousins, your father? This guy is not above the law don't be afraid. This time be prepared for when he comes this time. 🙂


  10. Both him and his salop wife is a I swear I I commit a crime I'm going to him to represent .cause a judge cannot tell me a situation so.victim alive confirming the man that attempted murder and is on bail.what or where the. Hell is justice.I guess it is in Richelieu office....chaussee road...


  11. Sad day in history! Sadder still this case will grow cold and people will move on with their lives. Look it's a festive weekend and no comments! Nobody is reading news! People are either out at cricket or liming somewhere no doubt listening an dancing to creole music. Sad.


    • So what does that have to do with people partying or commenting. Not everyone is as idle as you or have time to comment. You out of place whatever you are.


  12. Why would SLU News online publish this info? Now whoever started the job can go finish!!! The girl should be palaced in a secure protected location until the trial. Sad day!


    • I understand what you're saying, but it is so ironic - she didn't do anything!! Why should she be hidden away?

      It is her attacker who should be locked down somewhere until the trial.


  13. i guess attempt murder get Riclieu and bail is miserly $5000. Obviously the law sucks. Kenny the great doctor lawyer we lucians think he is presiding over a country with such idiotic laws. Those parliamentarians are the ones amending laws what about this one. The great Cobinere decided to have an anti gang law what about those for attempted murder? After all 20 stubs. That's murder in my books. If no one did not find her she would be dead.


    • to have lawyers as ministers is the worst thing that can happen to a country. They know nothing about the real life of ordinary citizen and what is there concerns. Its like they live in a different world.

      I will not vote for a district rep who is a lawyer.


  14. At least she alive to tel the story..but wen O'Brian Antoine was poisoned by the beach n he died lucians even dem lazy police saying is suicide..but he stil had tym giv his account to his brother... Lucians to judgemental body deserves on whatever measure to be beaten n killed...n alot of us need to understand dat...sum of lucians quik to judge because it eh happen to them or their family yet..n u go hear how dey go bawl...people hav a right to God da woman is a mother..O'Brian had his family...there are too many angry men in this all they doin now is making plans, meeting up with the people n wana take their sure that it will return to them in their own measure...someone does something, tel someone, tel the police..or if wat they did is terrible to u, pray about it..God is always our defender... Dat crime in saint Lucia awa weee...


    • why to st.lucians write the same way the speak? eh...dat..tym..tun..dey..da woman....... awa weee...


    • sick and saddening ... a place where we once lived in peace and harmony.. what's causing that people. I hope they find who killed the guy o'Brien and this police trust me they need to do something about them...


  15. I wonder how Richelieu gets those "attempted murderers" out on bail.He must be paying some money to "somebody".The guy in Gros Islet who did the ride by & was shot by police ,Denver is his name,he was caught red handed attempting to commit murder & was represented by Richelieu & got bail.Now this guy.I think something fishy is up,& the bail amounts are dirt cheap too.


    • It's knowing the law and playing with the loopholes... I like this Alberton guy... He uses experience and handles his cases well... If he knows his case is a useless one he will fight to get a lesser punishment...


    • Seems like an inquiry needs to be made on our judicial system before it is too late. Too many are dying , and the same number of criminals are getting away. She knows her attacker. How can he get away unless something is wrong with this system ? Way too many technicalities.


    • LOL you should know better by now this is St Lucia where they seat and mind everybody's business and in the mean time... shit happens and no one wants to open their mouths and speak up... these lawyers have a special place in hell some have no heart no conscience just pure evil to even want to represent those criminals even after they know they,re guilty.... how do you sleep at nights


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