Soufriere teen attacked and beaten on video


A video of a young woman being attacked and beaten by at least two individuals has been seen circulating on social media.

The young lady, believed to be from Soufriere, appeared on the receiving end of many kicks and punches by an unidentified woman and another individual. Throughout the video the young lady was seen trying to escape as her assailants continuously knocked her to the ground.

Running away and crying, the lady was surrounding by a crowd who stood by and watched as the assailants rained blows on her as she struggle to simply stand on her feet.

What started the confrontation is not yet known but reports are that the alleged attackers were seen commenting on the video on social media in an effort to justify their actions.


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  1. this people should be jailed and punished very badly. this is 16 year old girl. and that person who was the video need to join the to girls in jail too


  2. Hmmmmmm...if was my child....smdh...y'all know what tree yall barking up trust me...cause y'all would be.........hmmmmmm!!!


  3. Assault of this kind in any civilize part of the world would not be accepted! I hope these bullies are brought to book and made to pay a heavy penalty. It is high time for individuals to stop using the excuse of failing courts and law machinery for not behaving appropriately.


  4. This situation is not new to St. Lucia, especially in the area this happened. What is surprising is that in the year 2016, this behavior still exists and is tolerated. Charges should be pressed and pursued on people choosing to put their hands on other people in this manner. St. Lucians who are asking, “what St. Lucia is coming to” do not let being away for a while cloud your memory; this has always been happening, it just that we have access to social media, where we can show our social dysfunction to the public. Are we embarrassed that this is happening in St. Lucia? Yes, and we should be regardless if it is happening in order parts of the world. We should be a shame enough to do something about it. Teach our children to use proper conflict resolution (resolve issues in a proper, less detrimental manner). We have always use aggression like cursing, and fighting as means to resolve issues. Stop the violence!


  5. To all the lost souls asking or wondering what the girl did please state the relevance of that question......when did it become OK to physically harm another human being. Who gave anyone that right. Conflict is inevitable violence not so much. Let's give our young ppl the necessary tools to learn how to resolve and avoid these types of encounters. And to the spectators. I will just leave you here for god cause clearly he is the only one who can remove those demons that torment your souls


  6. i hope the police have this evidence which is obvious to use in a case. the 2 mal bowoo their day will be served very cold. and the cold hearted ppl standing there recording, staring and even encouraging there is something called karma whether you believe for not.


  7. Like you I don't know what caused the assault. Thankfully, No Sticks, No Stones, No Machete's, No Guns, were used. And Thankfully the Young girl was able to run away without any lose of blood (that I could see). Thankfully it was not worse.

    There was no danger as such, to those looking on; they could have intervened but preferred to enjoy the spectacle to talk about later. Some voiced anger at the person filming the assault, BUT, he/she was collecting Evidence; even if it was not their original intention.

    No one can lie and be believed when all can see what happened. How many times have people Not received Justice because of lack of Proof/Evidence!!?? On the video, we can see how many committed the assault and who they are.

    As distasteful as it looks, the video helps; we can see and hear what is said. Without the video, it would be only hear say and distortion of the facts. The Police cannot say no one came forward to make a complaint or say No one is talking or that they have no knowledge of an assault taken place when the Video is Online. The girl should be taken to Hospital, a blow can cause a Blood clot that can develop and become fatal later on; and the girl received many blows to the Head.


  8. What are the relevant authorities doing about this ? There must be law and order in every society, but there appears to be a total breakdown of such in St. Lucia. If those responsible cannot maintain law and order in this country they should resign or be dismissed from their positions. This type of behavior has got to stop!


  9. I don't know what that girl did to get a beating like that in the street... but she sure got somebody upset. Doesn't justify it though.


  10. It is such shame on these 2 women beating up on a helpless woman and with all the spectators no one said a work or even try to stop them. What ever the reason was that is not the best way to handle this. You can tell where they are from.



  11. Dispicable if you ask me!! I don't condone violence but trust me if this girl was remotely related to me hmmmm.....Ignornant, backward set of people...smh


    • Them girls and the moron recording the video would be homeless!! Soufriere would not have enough water.


  12. Really? I cannot believe that is the island where I was born and grew up to see young women behaving like that. An the idiot in the back ground shouting.