Soufriere Square undergoes redevelopment

Soufriere Square undergoes redevelopment

7c4a9947-6553-47db-9d6e-256d282fa740PRESS RELEASE – The Ministry of Social Transformation, Local Government & Community Empowerment wishes to inform all west coast residents, commuters, the Soufriere/Vieux Fort mini bus/taxi operators, business owners and vendors of the commencement of the Redevelopment of the Soufriere Town Square scheduled for week of February 8-12, 2016.

It is expected that this improvement will create minor challenges in traversing the area, and so the public is advised to exercise the standard caution.

The Ministry thanks all for their co-operation and apologises for any inconveniences that this may cause, as we aim to enhance the development of our island’s communities. We look forward to the re-opening of an exquisite green space in the majestic town of Soufriere.



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  1. I am a most bemused spectator of this unfolding tragedy. The most discerning of us are watching quietly and observing every bit of the "Dalson Show". Wow! So the Soufriere Hospital is not a priority? The deplorable roads in the community not so important? Renovation of the Soufriere Library, which by the way lacks the most basic of facilities, books, proper windows, etc, isn't vote catching enough. It's probably easier to award contracts and work to party supporters by "renovating" a useless square. There is probably less onerous procedural matters and accountability involved as opposed to, say, sourcing and providing important basic equipment to the Soufriere Hospital.


  2. Everything is for a while. Let those who enjoy the spoils of labour's look-after-my-own approach do so quickly. Dalson will always be remembered as the most divisive MP this country has ever seen. And yes, it's the same set of labour people in Soufriere who get all the contracts. Only one set of people are invited to community functions or acknowledged for achievement. Half of the town, like on the national stage, are COMPLETELY ignored. And we know who the people are who get everything!! Isn't real politics about development, which suffice it to say has no colour or political stripe. The people who are breeding division in Soufriere based on party affiliation should not forget "what goes around comes around" - you do have mortgages to pay, kids to send to school and livelihoods to sustain, don't you? Don't you forget it? . I hope you know that everything in politics is passive and transient; nothing lasts forever. Dalson could have tried to heal Soufriere, but instead things have gotten exponentially worst under his watch. From the very beginning, I had no confidence in this guy. I knew he couldn't be trusted with collective representation and societal unity. It's just a shame that someone who used to be such a good teacher has ended up being such a lousy, incompetent and visionless representative. Moral of the story: vet and assess people's character before electing them to "represent" the "interest" of an entire community.


  3. how my tourists,use this square, how many local use this square. persons just mainly sit on its sides to await a bus. in this tourist hub, what have you done or advocated for in terms of yachting. why not finish developing the beach at hummingbird. you have no vision. there is fond benier park next to your home where is just a gansta's paradise fellas eling their weed. you ever go and talk to them and allow the kids to use the park like I did when i was a boy?? cause you ppl only know the ghetto youts to jum, yes jum or jamm them and pound chest when you want a that they are forgotten so they keep their criminal hustle. of course, we have seen quite a few little projects and ti canals being handed out by the day. its the season i guess. so ill be waiting for you to come by sir to ask the tough questions of your ugly incompetent a**


  4. i grew up in soufriere, and dalsan this will be a waste of resources. for year, there are roads to buid in soufriere. new developmet, etc, plus coming into soufreiere, here are lay-byes that need fixing and also road railing coming into soufriere from lower colombette. have you used the road between canaries and soufriere lately? you realise the massive hole in it right dalsan. oh your big van doesnt get affected,but my car does you know.
    i hate to be like this, but you just as ugky as you are clueless of what is needed of you. you simply won under kenny's name and its sad that you getting a esion. i really need you, i mean soufriere really needs you gone. let young blood i with better ideas as soufriere, if nt for the taxis making their buck and few hotels, nothing would be running. you dsir are idealess...


  5. Better to take care of the neglected fire Hydrants, ensure sufficiency
    of water in case of another fire. Make sure Fire Trucks and Ambulances
    are all in proper working order. The Town Square has always been alright.


  6. And what about the ridiculous number of deplorable roads in Soufriere? Couldn't the funds for this so-called redevelopment have been channeled to more important projects? More jobs for the boys I guess, because it's the same set of "contractors" enjoying these moneys since 2011.


  7. Dalson that style of politics has no place in twenty first century. Now you see why this country cannot move forward.
    I am sending a challenge to the folks of Soufriere. Try and stop sending ugly people into palarment, for the nineteen years you ha ve had the ugliest men in palarment, it's time to stop that. This time vote Herod Stanlistus


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